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Making photo tagging easier with Find My Face


Hi, I’m +Matt Steiner, Engineering Lead on the Google+ Photos team.

Around the holidays, many of us get together with friends and family, and if you’re like me, you take lots of photos! Tagging those photos can be a lot of work. So today we’re launching Find My Face, an easier way to tag photos of yourself and your friends.

By turning on Find My Face, Google+ can prompt people you know to tag your face when it appears in photos. Of course, you have control over which tags you accept or reject, and you can turn the feature on or off in Google+ settings. (

Find My Face will be rolling out over the next few days. We hope this makes tagging your photos much easier, so try it out! And as always, keep the feedback coming.
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Thank you Hangout Mustaches?? :P
Nice work. This is a great feature.
awesome :D

will it also recognise the people in the image and suggest there name ?
I have been asking for this for months now. Thanks. Can you update my profile so I can make a video on this?
So, is G+ supposed to autodetect that you're the one in the pictures? Based on face recognition? And ask your friends for confirmation just to be sure?

Kind of scary, isn't it.
Their Picasa program has been doing it foe ages. it was only a matter of time before the on-line version did the same thing.
Can't decide if this is exciting or terrifying! :-)
Why are you making the same mistake as Facebook? I want to be notified about a tag and want to decide IF the Tag is visible or not. Facebook changed that and it was the most annoying feature there. Now you do the same mistake. Make it Opt-In.
+Thomas Venugopal you are still notified before the tag is visible, you know that right?

The only difference is that your friends no longer have to click your face and type your name, they just need to click "yes". You're still asked for confirmation afterwards.
+Thomas Venugopal Find My Face is opt-in, you choose whether you wish to enable it and you still have the option to also manually approve each name tag before it's linked to your profile. :-)
It looks good ... most important is privacy, the option to enable or disable it liked me.
+Brian Rose I know that. I want to benefit from that technology but I still want to decide which photo is tagged and which not. I want to approve it before it's done completely.
And you still get to approve before it's done completely. Everyone's happy.
Good to start opt-in, rather than ask for forgiveness later. Google is learning a thing or two from FB's privacy foibles.
Just out of curiosity, is this the same technology that Picasa used to autotag faces? My entire family was blown away when I demonstrated that to them, so hopefully they'll be similarly impressed here. :)
+Matt Steiner doesn't seem to appear in the french version of Google+. Only in US at the moment ?
+David Prieto the face recognition in the desktop version of Picasa is amazing. I tagged pictures of my wife and it then recognized correctly a bunch of her baby pictures.
+Todd B. First, I don't see how your comment is related to this post in any way. Second, that's like saying there's no way to take back an email once it's sent. Once other people have been notified, it's hard to un-notify them.

There is a solution though. Just delete your post and re-post with the correct circles.
I was cleaning up our photo archive in Picasa this summer and tagged my best man in one of our wedding photos. Picasa then asked if he was the subject of another photo. No big deal right? Except that it was a photo from 15 years ago when we were twelve.

Mind Blown.
+Todd B. If it's a feature you want, submit your feedback to Google using their big "Send Feedback" button at the bottom of every page on G+.

I haven't seen a general outcry for that feature. What you consider a useless addition is something that will wow a lot of people. See +Derek Hartley above.

Considering this whole project was launched months ago, I'd say G+ has matured fairly quickly. I understand that you want more features, but how about instead of calling this feature useless without any real reasoning, you make a case for why your feature is so valuable for most people.
+M Monica I don't think you actually read the post. How could governments use this in any way if it's completely opt-in and you control who is allowed to see your pictures? I think you're spreading fear in place of knowledge.
M Monica , actually most governments, including Americas alreay have advanced facial recognition software, whats more our Google+ profile is optional, whereas the camera at your ATM, Stop lights, Banks, those are under direct government control, not optional, and already use facial recognition software.
I think it is awesome. I am going to go turn it on to play with the new toys. :)
+M Monica None of your information has anything to do with the way facial recognition is being implemented on Google+. Opt-in is another word for voluntary (aka it's your choice to use it or not.) Facebook was getting into trouble because they made things public without users' explicit permission.

I actually agree that free speech is under threat on the internet. Unfortunately, you have your arguments all mixed up and are just blindly attacking technology instead of the people/organizations that are using it maliciously.
Loved this feature in Picasa, can't wait for implementation in G+. Laziness ftw
I joked on Twitter a while ago: "can't wait when face recognition software runs through porn sites, so I can thank those couples in person one day" ... it's not a good joke. It really isn't such a great thing neither if, let's say, someone prefers at least a certain degree of #privacy? This "service" you offer isn't just something friends and family are going to use, but also advertisement and profile hunting marketing sharks? Where is the line? Who draws the line? Who guarantees the line will be kept (between commercial exploitation and 'personal use'?
I suppose you can opt out. Some people like personalized ads and what not. Just make sure you're aware of the pros and cons and decide whether or not you want to participate. Google voice employs a large amount of data mining for voice recognition and ad personalization. On the other hand, it is an extremely powerful tool that I use despite the data mining.
Never mind face recognition, let's have proper quality photos not destroyed by compression artifacts to begin with. Thank you.
Good one.. can u do that automatically? If i tag myself in one pic, automatically recognize and suggest tags of myself in other pics too when someone opens it.. n all he has to do is to say "Yes, do it" :)
+Matt Steiner this is not yet available in Netherlands. Can we get a pop up message when it will be turned on in every country? Don't want to check settings every day... Nice addition guys and I think is great you made it opt in.
+Melina M I would say it would be based on the same technology as it is Picasa Web Albums that is the host for Google+ images
If I have a limited (only me) and locked album/photo and I tag someone in it then they are notified. Why?
I have no problem if they are notified if/when I make the album/photo anything other than visible to me and/or unlocked.
If they are visible only to me and in a locked album then I see not need to notify the subject. My family will not be that happy getting emails/notifications for every photo for which I face tag them in. In fact they are more likely to become more concerned!!

I have thousands of images on Picasa - all face tagged. But I have only tagged a few test images on G+ until I see how it all plays out.
I liked it : D Amazing! Adorei : D
I don't see the feature in my settings.
The feature will be rolling out over the next few days
I want out of google+. Without my permission, google+ took MY PERSONAL photos from my computer and put them on google+. This is totally unacceptable. There are photos of my husbands funeral and grave site that I consider personal.
This is wonderful, maaarvelouuss
Why don't the face tags in picasa/picasaweb get exported to Google+? I can't find a way to do that.
+Matt Steiner  It now appears that you can't tag a photo if Google+ doesn't automatically recognize or find a face in the image.  On a new post, I get an error that basically states "no face found."  To add a tag to an existing image, it returns an error: "Oops... an error has occurred."  There are often times when I want to tag an image to a user, even if the user is not identifiable in the shot.  Is there a work-a-round or other trick to allow this?  It is the only way to get the image to show up in their "Photos of you" album.  Thanks for any help.
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