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#io12 #SoItBegins
We started our launch room at 5AM this morning.  Here's #Moscone   before the attendees arrive.  Viewed from the back, and viewed from the stage
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One of two "approve" buttons has been pushed :)
do 2 people need to push in a key and hit the 2nd button at the same time?
Haha, not concurrently.  One button now, one button "later" :)
I'm so excited - I'll be watching from Scotland... please pray that no thunderstorms knock out my broadband - or I will be utterly devastated!
Yup I cope with flooding, loss of windows, anything - as long as the electric and broadband stay up - I'm happy.
(though I expect by now you are well aware that ASUS can't keep a secret)
Exciting! Good luck! :)
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