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Introducing Find My Face notifications

Hi, I'm +Matt Steiner and I lead the Google+ Photos team.

Back in December we launched Find My Face to help make it easier to tag photos of you and your friends. ( If you've turned this feature on, then starting today you'll see a new improvement: Find My Face notifications.

Basically: Google+ can now give you a heads up when someone you know shares a photo with you, with you in it. It's especially fun after special events or family gatherings, when everyone sends their pictures around.

As always, you get to decide which photo tags you accept or reject, and you can turn Find My Face on or off (including notifications) in Google+ settings. (

Thanks and keep the feedback coming!

#googleplusupdate #googlephotos
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Hey +Matt Steiner great job on the #googlephotos but i was wondering... is there support to add photos to an existing album via the sharebar? that would be pretty useful. thanks!
+Matt Steiner Sorry, but i despise all forms of face recognition in social sites.
Does this system still recognise us even if we have it turned off?
Saw this too +PJ Ammidon Must be it. Still weird that it's happening now because this has been in place for a while now I thought.
Woe to us! Lament our misfortune and fear for the outcome of our endeavors.

We fly too close to the sun! Like Icarus on high, our technological wings will wilt and wither under the immense heat of the internet. It will all come crashing down when people start uploading pics of me from the late 90s that I honestly don't even remember anymore, but involve me doing ridiculous things with alcohol.

Dark times ahead, my friends. Dark times indeed.
does this work better than the facebook facial recognition feature? because there more often then not i have to manually tag!
+Matt Steiner A great addition. Please can you make sure the option to choose the notification gets added to the mobile app. I find it hard to manage most settings from my mobile, which is where I spend 90% of my time here.

Otherwise I look forward to putting this to good use.
I don't want your god damned posts. Go to hell!!! Do not send your crap to my page. I want to dump google+ for thinking I want to see anything by anyone I do not know.
Anyone who can't find their own face really needs to lay off the DMT.
Google+ can now give you a heads up when your friends post a picture of you with your face on it? :: facepalm :: #pun
+John Peterson You probably are seeing this post because you are viewing the "what's hot" stream. You want to view a stream that you manage by clicking on one of your circles.
Anyone who judges anyone based on an old picture of them is an idiot. And if you get shot down from a job because of an old picture, trust me, you'd have hated that job anyway because of what the rest of the culture is probably like.

Ever since the dawn of the internet and scanners, its been easy to share info about you that you don't want out there. My response has been to "own" the event, and not be embarrassed out of it. AKA "Yes, I did drink a lot when I was 23, and I did hook up with lots of women after those drinks despite not being a hugely attractive guy. You didn't? Don't be jealous, you're still better looking than me."
Seeing as this tech is used for data mining, If I get one of these notifications, I'm deleting my account.
"The only thing worse than having one's face automatically detected within photos posted by one's friends is not having one's face automatically detected within photos posted by one's friends"

-- Oscar Wilde
+Mary Rysdale Yeah, this popped up in the middle of my stream, too, but I usually turn off the "What's Hot" and it was on by default. Do not want.
+Jason Hall You have to opt-in to Find My Face to receive one of these notifications
Toni H
If I wanted a picture of myself tagged, id tag it myself. I left FB because of these overstepping of privacy issues
+Toni H , note the "You can turn it off, you idiot." (or something like that) in the original post.
This is opt-in, and disabled by default. But please don't let that stop you from FREAKING OUT
Yo i don't even know how to change pics. Who likes avenged SEVENFOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately, Google forgot to take into consideration people too ridiculous to read.
It's as though a caravan convoy of buses filled with the mentally ill pulled up to this post and just basically disgorged all over it.
Too bad that, despite my recruitment efforts, very few people I know use G+, so I've little reason for taking pictures.
I find that most of my friends who are technical or previous co workers use G+. Everyone is still on facebook. :(
Hey Matt, do you know if Google has any ambitions to turn facial recognition into a searchable API?
+Matt Steiner Isn't this simply a notification when someone tags you in a photo? OR does it notify you when you are in a photo that has been shared by someone you know, tagged or not?
This would be an even better feature if when your face is found you have the option of removing the photo or at least blurring your face.
crappy idea to be that rude
Wow. I think it is time to move on from thus group... Bye!
I thought Google+ might be better than facebook....Not looking like it will be....Will not be turning anything like this on.....
I have to ask the more mature among you, is this sort of behavior normal on G+?
Tineo--you noted you were looking for a little more excitement, and I jokingly thought you might find a stimulant exciting, tongue-in-cheek, of course. I certainly did not anticipate such a tirade--or did the more civil among us. I see I need to vacate G+ and move back to the old fart sites with people who actually know how to spell.
Taggin used to be a Graffitti Term back in the 80s and 90s, now it's a Facebook term that Google wants to incorporate onto it's little thingy...
Thank you, Bonnitta, assuming your comment is directed at me.
Hey +Matt Steiner how does this work with the google instant photo upload feature from latest iPhone app?

Will ppl get recognized automatically? Any way to enable/disable? Will these images be visible for them even if private? Thanks 
matt you can't find out where i live!!! lol
Is this stuff really necessary for social networking which is supposed to be fun and entertaining? Or is this being done to further a socialistic government agenda? This is the kind of stuff that I see being used more for harm against free individuals than it is a benefit to social networking.

Very worrisome I must say. You reach too far too deep Google.
Aren't you guys being a bit harsh? If you don't like facial recognition, turn it off. I for one find it an invaluble tool making photos of my life easy to browse and catalogue. Isn't that why we have photos in the first place? to look back at our lives with nostalgia.
can you also ask to have the picture removed if you don't approve of it being on the internet? :)
Some mornings, I wish my mirror had this feature. :P
Hi Matt, Is Google+`s intention to phase out Picasa?
Hope Not!, because Picasa albums are so huge for me. as yo can see at I am comfortable with how to use, edit, rotate, delete, comment, to date it, etc etc on how old Picasa is set up. Now, since i clicked on Picasa to install Google+, because of the tagging feature, 1/2 the time I go to a picasa album now, it self-drives to the Google+ album that looks great, but is very different, and not manageable, editable it seems. It does not seem to have features "Album proprties" to be able to manipulate, Rotate photos etc etc. Am I gonna be able to keep both down the road?, or is Google+ trying to completely be the ONLY photo site gradually?, and Google is actually phasing out the Picasa program? Please e-mail me at my main e-mail if you do not mind, as i might not see a response here. My main e-mail is Also, the e-mail I just listed, its the only e-mail I ever use, but Google forced me to get a gmail once years back....not sure why. Maybe it was required to even GET picasa? I see it (my gmail address) on my picasa page even...??? If I e-mail to it --which is, I do not get it. I would like to think that anyone e-mailing that it would tranfer to my main e-mail. Is that what its supposed to do? How can I make it to "GO" divert, to my main only real e-mail which is any ideas? Cann you e-mail me from both---tesy 1 from my gmail, and test two---saying its from the other e-mail I have listed which is Thanks a billion, Jim Hofman cell 410-422-4780
+Matt Dunn kill yourself. Yes were concerned about privacy, and for facebook to not listen to the people that use it's services is fucking crazy. "People will find out anything they want about you." No shit sherlock! That's exactly WHY we want security and privacy.
Cool application of face recognition technology.
+Matt Steiner love the improvement to this feature.. I will suggest that the circle arround the tagged face should be as thin as possible, its is too thick now and almost covers the face.
Tagging increases the relevance of and assists search crawlers in finding searches as requested by users. If you want something you are posting to be found by more people, tag it with relevant tags. If you don't care, don't tag it.
Great work! I would really like to see an improvement with the truncated descriptions in lightbox view. It looks broken the way it is. A more cohesive look would be better when you press on 'More'.

Also why are we not able to +1, edit, and flag as inappropriate comments from the lightbox view?
What was the internal codename during the development of this feature? Telescreen™ ? :-)
Hi Matt, the find my face feature is one i like to turn on, but on my google profile settings there is no option to turn on or off. Is the find my face feature allready rolled out to all g+ members?
This is why you never give Google your real identity and never upload your picture. I don't know why some people have to get burned horribly before they figure out that something is a bad idea. Isnt it enough to think of how horribly this can be abused? Do you really have to put your hand IN THE FIRE? Cant you just think and say "Hmmm, that looks hot I don't think I'll do that"

Is it so hard to figure out how this could end badly?
All sorts of stuff can end badly. You could get struck by an asteroid in 5 seconds, and then no one on G+ would even know who you were because you're using a fake name.

the only ones that WOULD know is either family of friends, the ones who really matter though
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