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Hi, I'm +Matt Steiner, I lead the engineering team for Google+ Photos. Google+ Photos is a great way to share your favorite memories with your different circles. But sometimes you want to limit how your photos are shared. That's why today we're rolling out the ability to lock an album, which prevents others from resharing it.

You can lock an album from two places -- your Photos page, or album posts in the Stream -- and when you do a few things happen:

- Viewers won't be able to +mention new people
- Photo tags by viewers won’t expand who can see your album
- All of your posts about your album will also be locked

To lock an album from your Photos page:

1. Click Your albums
2. Click on the album
3. Click on who can currently view the album (e.g. Limited)
4. Check the Lock this album box
5. Click Save

Or from an album post in the Stream:

1. Find the post with the album you want to lock
2. Choose Lock this post from the drop-down menu located at the top right

In both cases the word “Locked” will appear, and that's it! We're always trying to make Google+ a safer and more comfortable place to share your photo memories. As always, please keep sending us your feedback. We're always listening and iterating!

Thanks to +Kedar Kanitkar and +Dom Carr for making this feature happen!
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Does it work the same way within Picasa?
thank you!! awesome!! :)
Great news, thx! I hope that the option to share only selected photos from an album is in development :P
Nice addition. Another handy feature would to see if anyone has viewed your photos without having to log into picassa.
why does Google+ photos not allow 1 to mass upload??
J. roto
+Debi Chin ...because I'm pretty sure you can just mass upload to Picasa and bring 'em in from there.
This is wonderful. Thank you!
Can't wait for you guys/gals to enable video playback on mobile.
J. roto
So I see the #googleplusupdate -- when do we get Google+ hashtag support, too?
+Matt Steiner I saw that in the settings that it would be rolled out sometime. How does locking impact photos in a given album such as those part of a blog archive. Would it break the links to the blog like the privacy settings do?
Thank you +Matt Steiner for another excellent feature. In other way, I have been noticing weird things in some of my posts, for example in a picture some friend of mine and I commented, days later the posts were not there, I hope will come back:).
Sorry, is going to be possible in the future to make changes in our pictures and folders here at google, instead to go to Picasa albums?. Thank you so very much and to all google team for making really pleasant ✰, this nice adventure at google+.
One feature I would like is the ability to share an easy link to a public photo album with friends not on G+. I would like to put this link in a blog post to show a bunch of photos from travles etc.
really appreciate the lock feature........ but can it be done like this????
i want to disallow my friends from RESHARING the album........ but i don't want to disallow my friends from TAGGING other friends at the summer trip who i might have missed out while tagging
locking an album also disables tagging.
is this something that can be thought about?
+Jon Miller i believe you can do that........ you can copy the URL from the browser's address bar when you are viewing your public foto album and you can circulate that URL everywhere....... no one needs to sign in to google+ to visit that URL's page.
however..... i don't know what actually you meant by EASY link........ if it means a short url, then i don't think G+ has a native way of doing that.
Does this address the issue of trying to share just one photo from an album without exposing the entire album?

Scenario: 300 photo from vacation trip, and person only wants to share 20 with their stream, the rest are for family. The only way this is possible is duplicate those 20 photos to a separate album and share that. Causes duplicate photos, separate comments, and over all disconnect.

Long ongoing thread in Picasa forums here with many trying to do a workaround:
Also of note, will a future release (hopefully sooner than later) relink comments left on peoples posts of images back to the photo? There is a disconnect where you may leave or receive several comments on a photo, but they are done within the post in the stream... and never linked to the photo. Seems to be disconnected.
+Syed Rakib Al Hasan Your right you can do that, I guess I was thinking more of the way that Youtube does it. It makes a short URL when you click the share button. G+ could do something similar with a "Link" button. Until then I just use the Goo.Gl shortner. I would really like to be able to link to an individual public photo in a public album.
great feature! i was wondering if the visibility limitation will remain if reshared...
You can link and share a single photo as long as the album is either public, or at a minimum limited, anyone with link settings within the album properties (set within picasa).

The issue (as described in this lengthy thread: is that in order to do that, you must expose the entire album. I understand that in most cases, security is easier done and set on a top level directory as opposed to very granular (on each sub file) ... however, in a scenario where you would want to just share a few photos from an album with a few people and for example not have all your circle members see family pictures of your children.. that is not possible in the existing model. You would have to select the photos, and make a new album and then share that.

Ultimately, you would have numerous duplicate images, eating away at storage limits, disconnected commenting and overall mess of organizing your albums.
ok Matt, as you are the lead programmer for G+ photos, I can make suggestions to you then :-)

I have a weird problem. MY albums are set to Extended Circles. If I click on the album, I see it is UNLOCKED. but if I click on an image, copy the URL and paste it in to re-share, all I see is text in the share dialog describing G+ photos instead of the image thumbnail.

If I use the method of clicking on "photos" in the black menu, it takes me to picasaweb. Where if I click on a photo, and copy the URL I see in the URL 'locked=true' (see previous URL). and when I try to paste it in to the share dialog, I get 'could not load website - retry' EVEN THOUGH it's my own image from my own album(s).

so even though an album isn't LOCKED it's seen as locked from picaweb and I don't get any thumbnails. also, the album visibility in picasaweb shows as "public".

NOW, if I create an album that is PUBLIC, I don't have any problems with picasaweb URLs, but I still get descriptive text instead of the image thumbnail if I just use the google+ photos option.

The funny thing is, I didn't have this problem when I first joined G+. It happened about a month ago or so and has been 'broken' in my eyes ever since.
+Jon Miller you can also link to an individual public photo in a public album in the same way..... copy the url from the address bar while seeing the individual photo............. but that way, you will also end up revealing all the other pictures in that album....... this is something that we would like to have some control upon
I'd like the ability to share individual photos from within an existing albums to my stream, without exposing the entire album. Of course it is implicit that when I do not want to expose the entire album the properties of the album would not be public.

Simpler want to share, just dont want to share everything.
+Matt Steiner Does this apply to profile photos and/or scrapbook photos as well? Can it be extended to those if not?
This is a great feature for some of my private/limited galleries. Thank you.
Just when we upload it should have option for people to Save the Image or Protect the image.
Good improvement. To make a better experience in Google+ Photos I think that you only need to add a few improvements and it will be a very good photo service:
- In the action button add "Download photo" that download the full size photo (original or resized to 2000px)
- Add some Picasa functions like "Move photo" or "Copy" between albums.
- Download album option, that permit download an album (.zip with all the photos), like Picasa Takeout but only with one album.
This is a great feature. Could you also consider giving us some of the picasa features like tagging faces, location data, etc. I have heard a few complaints from people about this so I thought I would pass it on to the person that could make a difference.
ufffff this is really great love it .. keep growing Google+
Woohoo! This makes me actually want to start using my albums. Thank you to you and the team for all the hard work! :)
+Matt Steiner it would be awesome to be able to set "ratings" like NSFW on images so people can view at a level they are comfortable with or able to view in their surroundings.
nice feature, but I don't think I am going to lock up my CherryPics ;)
Hmmm, there are things much more important, like reorder photos inside an album, +1 in a photo, comments follow the album or photo, after share albums or photos, etc.
Thank you very much for all your hard work. I really appreciate all the features that are continually improving. It keeps on getting better! 
That's why I love Google! You guys rock.
+Matt Steiner Feature request. Ability to set order of albums that appear on your profile page. You're probably already working on that :)
+Matt Steiner Is it possible to move or copy existing photos to my profile page (Scrapbook Photos album) without using Picasa?
1) Why is albums being locked not the default option?
2) Has this update already rolled out? I don't see this option in my album settings.
Please add a photo download capability in full resolution while viewing a photograph.
Hi +Matt Steiner , that's awesome news. Question though. I went through all the effort of tagging people in Picasa, syncing with the web, and now wanting to share some of those albums on G+, I see that the tagging doesn't carry through. Any advice?
+Armand Salmon Exactly! How do you share just one photo from your albums? Not possible, is it?
When people comment on individual photos in an album, they should NOT appear on the stream of others... +Brian Rose +Matt Steiner
What I'm missing is a way to find a link to a photo or album, so that I can bookmark it (because I wanna see it later).
Thank you, works good with the albums. For the photos it should be more simple.
Can you share just one photo from an album with certain people, instead of letting them see the whole album?
extended question - how to share only one photo from the album of another member of G+ ??
there is some way for this ? thank you !!!
Clicking one album in G+, there is only a single common URL for this album. The identification of a picture seems to be not possible.
+Mario Aguila You can already reorder photos within an album inside of Picasa.
To do so, go to the particular album > select organize > from there you can manually readjust the photos within the album, or you can select from the drop-down. The options in the drop-down are by date ( oldest , newest ) or by file name.

The organizing order to photos within Picasa albums, do carry over to how they same albums are displayed within your Google+ photos.

Hope that helps.
This comment was left via Google Employee +Brian Rose in the Picasa support thread I linked to above:

Hi everyone, we're having a similar discussion over on the Google+ forum:
To repost what I said there, we hear your requests for us to add a way to share single photos natively in Google+, without the need for the workarounds described in this thread. We're currently iterating and releasing new features and updates all the time, stay tuned.

Also, if you have additional feedback or requests, we're all ears. The best way to share your feedback with our team is via the "Send feedback" links in g+, even if you think we've heard your request before, because we tally votes on each request to help us prioritize what to work on next. Cheers.
Another good idea and implementation +Matt Steiner While it may not be needed by everyone having the choice is certainly the way to go :-)
Yes but what we really need is the ability to share an individual image from within an existing album...without copy and pasting the URL in. There should be a simple share button. 
You guys really need to rework the 'google compression' on the images! I am not happy with the current encoding at all - there's jpg tech called tinyjpg out there that doesn't change the look of the image but highly compresses without affecting the graduated tones. The current google+ encoding makes my images look really bad
I am in total agreement with +Tony Anastasi .
Google has like all of the storage in the world, why are the images compressed so badly?
You can do a side by side comparison of the same image uploaded to Tumblr, Google+ and 500px.
Google+ has the most noticeable compression/artifacting.
+Sabrina Bowers
You have a splendid editing-fotos-online in Google-Picasa or Google-Fotos ...with "picnic" Every picture in any Web-album you can load up to picnic. There you find all the tools to change the foto, or adding text, etc. After that load it back into the album.
Not to be a wet blanket here but does everyone reading this thread realize that Windows 7 provides native screen capturing capability via the Snipping Tool? I didn't see it mentioned in this thread. I fly a corporate IT help desk and it's been my experience that even some of my more computer literate users are not aware of the existence of the Snipping Tool.

I applaud the Google+ Photo Team's efforts to provide piece of mind to the G+ community when it comes to protecting their online photos and I love the G+ Photo product/feature but people should be aware of the fact that anyone who can view their online content, including photos, can steal that content and use it in whatever manner they choose.

The bottom line is that if you have content, including pictures, that would cause you embarrassment or distress if that content fell into the wrong hands or was otherwise used in a manner that you did not intend, don't share it with anyone that you don't trust or don't put it online in the first place.
Nice new feature, thanks for improving.
+Matt Steiner, currently my Facebook profile picture is what is pushed to people's smartphones. Will a time come (soon?) when my Google+ profile picture will have priority over Facebook and push to my name in other people's contact lists? Thank you. :)
I for one am wondering why there isn't more integration between Picasa and Google+ Photos... I mean you guys are the same company right? New users are going to be confused by which one they should use! Great work though, keep it up!
i have to agree with +Noah Sprent and the other critics here. i can understand taking feedback from users for improvements or additions, but most of these things, like sharing one single photo from an album without sharing the whole album, are so basic that i just don't understand why they weren't included to begin with...
+Matt Steiner one question on this, which I like over all by the way, how does the Lock impact -if at all, image albums that are used as the archive albums for blogger accounts? If they image the way images are viewed on there I think that this would be bad. Is there a Picasa CM that this might be better directed towards?
Great feature, this is why i prefer G+ > FB, much better control over sharing. Keep up the good work and Thank You.
+Matt Steiner would be great if we have the option to move pictures from one album to another, or from posts to albums.
this is what I was waiting for. thank you.
So I can regulate how I share all of my photos except for the scrapbook photos?! It will not let me change it from public?
Please add drag and drop sorting in albums
thanks for the info.. !!!! Loving G+ man.
Can we have a way to choose which circles we want to share pics with instead of just all circles?
It would work best if album pics were by default locked then when you went to share that one picture in a album it would ask you " Do you wish to share this image with (so and so)? when you say yes, it creates a link to share it or it copies the image over to (so and so) file. then later you could be in your album one day and see that image and when you mouse over it.. it says this image has been shared with so and so. you could then just leave it or you could X out so and so and it would not be available to them anymore. If they already downloaded it then oh well... too bad.

....also when i tag someone I don't always want to see their names over their faces in every picture. there should be a way to turn off tags, unless i mouse over their face and pause for a few seconds then their names shows up... it is so irritating to have ll my pics covered in name tags.
Matt Steiner , On the feature of Locking the albums i am finding issues is .....

how does re-sharing works if i have to send it to someone on YAHOO etc .. can he forward the mail to someone else and the pics and vdo's will be visible to 3rd party....
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