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One of the UK's largest online mattress retailers
One of the UK's largest online mattress retailers


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Can sleep help you lose weight?

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Bunk Beds to Maximize Room Space

When homeowners have several children or guests are frequent in their homes, one important consideration is the space at home. Specifically, they would want to ensure that everyone will have a good night sleep. The problem is that the room may not have enough space to comfortably accommodate everyone. If the horizontal space is not enough, one must think of using the vertical space and bunk beds will do this for you. This allows you to maximize the vertical space so that each one can experience sound sleep every night.

Bunk beds provide for an easy way of creating enough and comfortable sleeping space. The beds come handy to those parents who have children of same gender and have small room space. Bunk beds are an efficient way of keeping the kids in just one room and eliminating the need for separate rooms and beds. The beds are available with metal or wooden frame. Many people would tend to choose the bed made from hard wood materials as it is believed to last a longer period of time. They are also available in different sleek and stylish designs. Typically, bunk beds are designed in order to hold 2 twin-sized beds. The modern designs have compartments for the twin-sized beds that are stacked on each other’s tops. They also come with a compartment which can accommodate full-sized mattress which is built on its side.

Some of the bunk beds also come with storage that is built-in, desks and matching chests. This is ideal since children will be able to place their things on these chests and avoid any clutter on the room. These can also be an ideal storage for toys and books and even the clothes that are not often used. Because of the myriad designs available, you sure will be able to find something that can complement the décor of the room. You can have the more feminine designs for your daughters and a more masculine one for the little boys. Many of the newer models also allow the top bunk to be removed from the top so you can have 2 separate beds. This allows the bed to be separated especially if the original bunk bed is outgrown by the children.

The many benefits of bunk beds can be enjoyed so long as you are able to find the best online mattress provider such as the Mattress Guy. It is one reliable online store which has wide range of bunk bed selections from the top manufacturers. The high quality of materials used in their mattress products will not only last the rough and tough challenge of time as it can be passed on to your grandchildren.

So, if you are a homeowner and are looking for a mattress that is an efficient way of allowing more people to comfortably sleep in just one room, bunk beds can be your best option. It offers less expensive choice for good sleep as it maximizes the space of each room. Visit the site and browse on the different options when it comes to bunk beds.

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Tips in Choosing Mattress

Choosing the mattress that can make you feel the most comfort while resting will require careful selection. You have to realize that mattress is perfect simply because it is your preference. You have to consider some important pointers so that you will only get that mattress which will suit all your needs.
Foremost, comfort and support must top your priorities, and you must find balance between these two factors. Comfortable and soft mattress can really allow you to enjoy a good night snooze. Firm beddings, on the other hand, can provide the necessary support which is needed by your back when you take your rest. This can keep the posture proper as the spine is aligned. In choosing a mattress, you should go for the one that is firm to avoid back problems while at the same time soft for a sound sleep.

The best way of doing this is by checking on the materials that was used in making the mattress. Those which use spring coils are firmer and can surely provide adequate support. Those models which use thicker foams on the top are also softer and can surely offer more luxury. Mattresses of high quality are those with thick foam bundles and more coils. Another consideration in choosing mattress is the distinct need of its user. If the one who will use already has a history of back problems, you must be able to find a mattress that will provide proper cushioning on the area with problem so that your condition will not get worse. This does not necessarily mean that you should go for pricier mattresses as what you just need to find is a good online store such as the Mattress Guy. This can provide the mattress you need at reasonable price.

Mattresses are among of those home items that should be bought brand new as it is unsanitary to buy those which are previously owned. You will not know what kind of microorganisms you can be exposed to when using the secondhand beds. If you will be able to find a good mattress outlet, you can buy them in bundle so you can have some savings while completing your bedroom set.

One of the top choices of many homeowners when it comes to purchasing mattresses is the king size one. This is considered as the most comfortable and the most luxurious bed available in the market.  Some models make use of material which can adapt to the contour of the body of the person using providing it the perfect cushioning to it. Some of mattresses of this kind make use of standard coil, while others use latex.

When choosing your bed, you must take time and give it much thought. You have to consider these important pointers whether you are purchasing one for your own use or for the use of other member of the family. Make use of the above considerations when visiting your furniture provider. This guideline will ensure that you will get that mattress which will suit your sleeping and resting needs.

The Best Mattress to Ease Your Lower Back Pain

Mattresses are a big factor in worsening or easing your lower back pain. As a matter of fact, if you have a wrong choice of mattress, this may always trigger your back pain and may cause discomfort with you before sleep or after you wake up. So, if you are constantly experiencing lower back pain, it may be your mattress that might be the problem.

If the mattress that you bought lacks enough support and firmness, it will result to poor posture, strained muscle, and will not keep your spine in its proper alignment. Thus, it is really important for you to find a mattress that has a firm back support in order to allow your spine structures to rest as well as rejuvenate all throughout the night. Here are some tips for you in choosing the best mattress so as to ease your lower back pain.

First is that you must always consider your personal preference. You have to remember that there is no type or style of mattresses that will always work for all individual having lower back pain. Choose always those mattresses that will help you sleep without any pain or even stiffness.

Second, if you are about to buy a mattress, make sure to inquire and understand the mattress’ physical components. In this case, ask about the inner springs or the coils since these are the components that provide proper support to the mattress. Also inquire about the padding which is on top of a mattress. Another important component is the depth of the mattress. Typically, the depths of mattress range from 7 to 18 inches. Considering and understanding the coil’s number, mattress depth, as well as the type of the mattress padding will determine the firmness of the mattress support as well as your personal preference.

Third, look for a mattress that is not only designed for support but also for comfort. Bear in mind that too much firmness in a mattress may cause more pain on your pressure points. There must always be balance between a mattress’ comfort and support. Thus, it is highly recommended for those with lower back pain to choose medium-firm mattress since it will allow your hips and your shoulder to sink well in it. But if you still prefer firm mattresses in order to ensure pain free sleep, choose those that have thicker padding in order for you to still experience comfort.

With numerous types of mattresses today, you may find it difficult to find the best for you and your lower back pain. So, the last tip for you is to look at the products of Mattress Next Day because they will not only offer you what you need but also they will assist you in determining your personal preference. You can look for them in their official website. Just for an overview, they will provide you with full range of mattress sizes and types. Lastly, they will offer their products to you in an affordable price yet with the best quality there is.

Your Guide in Cleaning a Mattress Properly

Buying a mattress that will best suit your needs is never a problem especially if you choose the products of Mattress Next Day. With their large assortment of mattresses as well as beds and divans that are available at Mattress Next Day, all you have to do is to choose and order them outright. Thus, it is never a problem selecting a quality mattress as long as it comes from Mattress Next Day since they will offer you over 80 different types of mattresses. All of which also comes in different sizes, whichever you prefer.

The problem is to keep these beautiful mattresses clean after you buy it. The usual burden that always comes with buying a mattress is to keep it clean and fresh for everyday use. Dirt, stains, and even bad odor are the typical cleaning problem in mattresses. However, there are many techniques which you can use in order to remove these typical cleaning problems. Here are some of the techniques to guide you.

The most common technique for dirt in a mattress is to vacuum it. Vacuuming it every day will lessen the risk of having the dirt stain your mattress if it gets wet. You may also try using upholstery cleaner. This cleaner is especially designed for surfaces which touch the skin. The main advantage of this cleaner is that it will remove dust mite droppings that usually sticks with mattresses. There is also the enzyme cleaner which is perfect in breaking down the stain’s structure and lessening their visibility.

If however you are to deal with an unidentified stain, you can use citrus type cleaner. Spray it on the stain and observe it for five minutes. Then, blot the sprayed citrus out with the use of a white, clean, and absorbent cloth.

For bloodstains, using hydrogen peroxide by applying and blotting it while it still bubble will definitely help. Also use a clean and absorbent cloth in this case. You may also use a baking soda solution in order to remove the bloodstain. This solution can be done by mixing one part of baking soda then two part of cold water in a bowl. Apply it on the affected area with an absorbent and clean cloth. After 30 minutes, use another damped cloth in order to rinse the solution. Then apply dry towel so as to absorb the moisture.

If it is odor in the mattress that you are about to deal with, just use the same techniques earlier mentioned. This time, you can use one of the techniques in the whole mattress. You may also spray the odor out with Lysol spray. Make sure to spray it on each side of your mattress and then, saturate it. Once your mattress has dried, apply an odor eliminator and put on hypoallergenic pad as cover on.

All of these techniques will be effective to any mattresses that you will buy from MattressNextDay. You can always create and discover your own technique in cleaning your mattress. Just make sure that you follow the basics.

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Dealing with the Bed and Mattress Problems

Sleeping time is probably the most favorite time of the day of every individual. This is the time when all of the problems are completely forgotten and your body relaxed as well as comfortably rested. However, sleeping time may sometimes be something you will not look forward to, especially if you are having bed and mattress problems. If this is the case, it will be really irritating and also very tiresome especially if you have been working or busy all day.

One of the problems with beds as well as mattresses is that it is home to dust mite droppings that cause allergies to people inhaling them. Dust mite droppings are one of the most common allergens that once it has become so numerous, stay and breakdown in your bed and mattress will definitely give you health problems such as skin reactions and respiratory illness. This scenario will be very troublesome because not only will you be deprived of your sleep but you will also have to suffer constant sneezing and sometime skin irritations.

Another burden faced by many is to have someone to share your bed. This problem is typically present to couples, especially to those who just moved in together. This is because your partner might be one of those who snore a lot or who talks in their sleep or even moves a lot. This will be really troublesome if the bed is not that big for you two. 

However, there are always solutions to problems. For example if you have allergies, then you will just have to look for mattresses that have properties of anti-allergen or anti-bacterial. Make it a habit also of changing your mattresses every week or at least once in two weeks. A clean mattress is a health friendly mattress. In terms of shared bed problems, all you have to do is to talk to your partner or just a buy a new bed, a big yet affordable bed for you two.

There is also no problem in looking for these affordable mattresses since it is already available online. Just look for the official website of Mattress Next Day and all that you are looking for can be ordered easily and quickly in just one click. They have huge assortment of beds and mattresses that varies in different sizes, all designed for the specific needs of their clients. They are also one of the online companies for beds and mattresses that offer the most affordable yet quality conscious products. Bed frames as well as divans are also available in their website which is
Further, although there will be numerous choices for you in their website, you will not be confused because you will be properly assisted and guided by their agents who will answer all of your questions no matter how many they are. They also offer one of the fastest deliveries because in some areas, once you order now it will be delivered to you the next day. Such delivery will also be free of charge. So, visit their website now and enjoy shopping with their products. 

Mattress Allergy Solved With These Tips

Allergy is one of the most common health problems that some individuals suffer. The types of allergies range from continued sneezing to a life threatening anaphylactic reaction which needs an immediate medical attention. Allergies are usually caused by allergens. Once a person is exposed to these allergens and he is one of those who suffer hypersensitivity, then the result would be a triggered bothersome allergy. This kind of illness is so bothersome that it has been considered as a curse by those having it.

One most common type of allergens is dust mite droppings. This allergen is typically found at home. Most of it is usually found in mattresses. This is the reason why you have to be careful when selecting your mattress especially because this is where you spent most of your resting time. Thus, if you have allergies, then here are some tips for you when choosing for a mattress.
First is that you have to remember that dust mites is most prolific in old mattresses. So, if your mattress is already a century old, you might want to consider buying a new one because that will be the home of dust mites no matter how you clean it each day. Old mattresses are where the droppings of these dust mites usually stay. Once these droppings have broken down, it will then release enzymes that will be the cause of skin reactions, respiratory issues, and other similar health problems.

Another tip is that if you are about to buy a mattress, you have to make sure that its ticking holds firmly the mattress’ inside together. Bear in mind that an excellent mattress ticking will definitely help lessen the allergens being release from the droppings of dust mites. Also, look for those mattress covers having anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-allergen properties. 
It may be a bit difficult for individuals having allergy problems in selecting the right mattress for them. This is why the products of Mattress Next Day has been brought and introduced online for easy shopping of its customers. Everything you need in a mattress is being offered by this company online. Large assortments of mattresses are being displayed daily in their official website where you can just browse easily those having anti-allergen properties. Aside from being health conscious, the mattresses of Mattress Next Day also comes in different sizes. You can also request for a specially designed size that you want and it will be delivered to your door within 3 to 4 days from your order.

Also, it is not only mattresses that are available in their website. They also offer other reliable products such as beds, divans, as well as bed-frames. All of these products are of quality level and are designed to avoid any health problems of their customers. So, if you are planning to buy a new mattress or bed set, just go to their official website which is http:/ and order online. Rest assured that the right order, which is carefully and securely packed, will be delivered to you in the quickest possible time. 

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Great Night Sleep with Memory Foam Mattress from Mattress Next Day
One of the worst things that can ever happen when we finally get to bed after a tiring day is when we cannot sleep. There are numerous different reasons which cause us to toss and then turn in the bed for many times before we can finally rest. Many attribute this disturbance to the stress and anxiety felt by a person who can set his mind to continuously be bothered. The persistence of this problem can lead to many other complications and exposed us to the risk of health problems. One must realize that this problem can actually be addressed if we can have the memory foam mattress from mattress day. This quality built mattress will surely provide good night sleeps so that you will wake up each morning feeling fresh and reinvigorated. There are myriad of reasons which set this mattress apart from the ordinary ones.
The memory foam mattresses from Mattress Next Day easily made it through the market and is more favored than the traditional mattress with springs. This can be attributed to the fact that many homeowners realized that this kind of mattress offers more support and comfort while a person is resting on it. One of the most impressive qualities of this kind of mattress is its capability to equally distribute the body of a person. In turn, the pressure points are reduced and improve the circulation which induces a restful night of sleep. If you have chronic pain on your muscles, this mattress foam can be the best replacement for the bed which causes the distress. This foam mattress has the proper softness and firmness which offers utmost comfort as you lie down to and assures that you will wake up refreshed.
One very common reason why people disposed of their old spring mattress is because of the sagging which can really cause uncomfortable knots. This problem with traditional beds will show up after bed is used in just few years, which can really be discouraging. Having the memory foam mattress assures that you will not suffer from this sagging within short period. By looking at different models and their range of prices, you can surely find that memory mattress which is worth the investment as it can last for many years.
Memory foam mattress is also very unique and you can jump right on it and not disturb those who are sleeping beside you. This is unlikely to happen when you are using the conventional spring beds. If you are the kind of person who regularly gets awake at night, this kind of mattress will make sure that you will not disturb those who are using the other parts of the bed. Without the pulling or creaking on the bed side, you will be confident to move without bothering anyone.
With the many advantages that come with the use of memory foam mattress, it is very surprising that it comes with a reasonable price tag. The mattress that you are going to buy will also be partner for the next 10-15 years or even more.

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The Many Benefits of Divan Beds  
If you have decided to have the divan beds, you have to know the two most important features that it has to offer. One of this is its being pocket friendly and the other want is its being unbelievably space efficient. Divan beds from Mattress Next Day come in different sizes from single (3 ft) to super king (6 ft). With this range of choice when it comes to size, you can surely find something which will fit all your home needs.
The divan beds are commonly made of two major components: mattress and frame and you may have a headboard or not. By this feature alone, you sure have already saved some space which would have been occupied had you chose to have the regular bed. The frame of the bed is equipped with drawers on its base or on the side which is useful for storing stuff.
Another great advantage of having this bed is that the super-king sizes are usually made from single beds that are zipped and linked together. Thus, if in case you will need two beds, this mattress can simply be separated from each other in order to serve what you need. This will be most useful if you are going to purchase the bed to be placed in the guest rooms as this can be economical as compared to buying 2 double-beds.
When buying divan beds, your most important consideration is the amount that you would want to spend for this investment. The next thing for you to do is to determine the size that you intend to have. You should also give some thought on the kind of mattress which will be placed on the bed. You have to realize that there are different kinds of mattresses available such as memory foam, latex foam and many others. Given the many varieties, you should also think of the design that will suit the interior of the room where it will be placed. Divan bed frames are usually made from materials such as wood, metal, leather and other which is made in variety of styles. Some would want to add some optional valances should you want to fit the color scheme of your room.
After deciding in all of these factors, you also have to give some thought about the storage space that you will need. Frames of this divan bed are designed with partitioned drawer, sliding drawers, side drawers or end drawers should you have limited space. Divan beds from Mattress Next Day can really be a great alternative to your bedroom furnishings and maximization of the space.  It can surely help the homeowner to make a theme for a room as it can be used solely as bed or make it like a couch by doubling it up. It is also a great help in maintaining the neatness and order of a room especially if it being occupied by the children as the base storage is ideal for books and toys.
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