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eek...that means letting go of some people who are very close to close
Yes. If that is going to make you peaceful. Yes
Shani H
Just put me and +Bobbi Jo Woods in a hangout together, endless giggling. And some snorting. Maybe squealing.
Thanks to Google+ hangouts, I've been doing a lot of laughing lately! :-)
life is too short for anything nowadays!!!!!
indeed it is too short, 20 years ago feels like a couple days ago.
so meaningful for the last few days of my life...:)
+B Gallagher yeah you're right..take it as the last few days in my life:)
Life is not just happiness. You get the good and the bad and aiming for 100% happy isn't how it works.
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
come's not a big deal...take it easy...corrections never annoy me...:)
To be honest, that's exactly what I need to do with my life right now...
i agree with u but some time we want to forget them but we didnt on that situation what should we do.please advise me
i have been doing this since long back, and it works for betterment, betterment myself and all those around me, without any pains!
That's actually pretty true hmm. :)
This is very well said. If people followed this advice there would be a lot less anger in life.
Tough to follow .. good to read though ;-)
Thanks for sharing. :-) but easier said than done. Believe me, I've tried.
i like that and totally agree.
i have allready use in my ipod in this wallpeapr
Yes, I too have often concluded that a a major goal in life is to surround yourself with comedians who make you laugh so hard you forget everything bad and just focus on the good.
yes why bring back the bad moments if possible buried them and totally forgot it..........why not move on and start for a good new beginning.....laughter is the best medicine.................
If only it was that easy, but nevertheless embrace it all!
i hope all dis was quite easy..........
bt even dat is also nt so easy..........
exactly what i need at this juncture in life...
Mary M
Exactly, that's why I'm on here, to make peeps laugh!
But life itself is a drama..
Sorry for bringing a touch of reality to G+ so early in the day
Thank you for the letters. You reached me in best time of my depression. But for me it`s really ,really difficult to let her go out of my heart, although i have no common kids with her and althoug she left me in the meantime 13 times. Thank you again for the words and god bless you. Peter from Austria
that is not only awesome but also very true...
Your talking about dealing with people not accepting them and loving very few .But shakes a rattle .Good luck .
Thank you that was sweet
This is wrong, surround yourself with people that allow you to do things that are important and help others. Way to much focus on happiness in today's society not nearly enough on helping others.
Life is not static. It changes with every moment. Focusing on only the good doesn't make the bad go away. Accept it for what it is then move on. We don't have to learn how to keep the darkness away that is a romantic foolss errand and can't be done. Accept the truth of darkness and the wonder of the illumosity in each moment. Have compassion for the suffering of others and happiness will find you.
Good advice ... but not the whole story. If this is all you base your friendships on, you'll become a selfish 'fair weather friend' which is not a true friend at all. How many people will cut YOU out of their life if they follow this advice?
Who's tripping down the streets of the city
Laughin' at everybody she sees
Who's reachin' out to capture a moment
Everyone knows it's Windy.....
In other words, Windy is fucking nuts, hey, can I be next?
Does anyone think anyone can live a life like this in reality? grow up if you think you can, or in fact, go outside and take a look at whats going on, in the real world that is, not some hippy fantasy.
I sooo needed to read this! I truly need to live this way Everyday!
"There come a time in Life....'.YES ITS TRUE,difficult to follow but try it we must,reality aside!
So true, but some times so hard to see your self in that situation to chang it.
Just be strong enough mentally and emotionally in order to identify illogical drama and stress in general. No need to write people off completely. After all, how can we have a positive effect on the negative if you simply avoid what discomforts us? Have a fucking awesome day everyone!
Reckless advice: Laughing DOESN'T equate to happiness.
Some people induce happiness.
Happiness is relative. If you chuck out everyone who does "drama" then you would crave for it. Btw many of your loved ones around do it for your good. 
Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm going threw a situation like this and I needed this reminder. Thank you!(:
a true ideal to hold but a very difficulty action to fulfill
I am Sajid Janin.I am a student..I am a good boy.
+Steffan ogas The solution is to love yourself first, that way you can get rid of all the mean people in your life and you'll still be super happy that you are awesome and did the right thing.
+Sean Bradshaw yes of course loving yourself is the most important but i was only saying how difficult it is to fulfill such things as that
Sorry, I live in the real world.
Very True I clean my friend List a week ago and I feel so good to muuuch Drama >>>>Happy Now
Dont take life so seriously, your not going to get out of it alive anyway.
(quote Red Skelton)
I agree. Enjoy your life, be happy !!!
so true:D thank you for posting this!
Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?
You build up hope, but failure’s all you’ve known
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go. Let it go
Linkin Park
ya sometimes i wish that i could do that but it is just not possible
i know what you feel but i also think that this is the right decision u know what, being happy is a focus for all of us.
I still have my doubts. Unmotivated and prolonged joyfulness makes me suspicious. Motivated one pertains to gods. We have known saying in Russian. It is also said frequently that sorrow follows each laughter. Joy and sorrow are liars, yet it seems sorrow lies less.
this is the greatest. i love it and am starting to live it.....
life gets better if u have your friends around you:)
OMG my friend needs to read this
learned that today. mean girls are really mean
It's not drama, it's PLUStainment baby!
Lots of love in this thread .. Drama Free but so much fun!
wow you know i was having a bad day but that put a big smile on my face
planned your life to enjoy and sport the poor, instead worrying & hate. Thaaaanks
I totally agree, makes for a great poster @ my work.
Life is a balance. If you don't experience occasional unhappiness, you lose your appreciation of happiness and those who make you happy. You may try to drop those in your life who create "drama", but their will always be strangers who may be worse. Life is never perfect, but it's up to YOU to enjoy the journey.
+Pam Greene +Matt Makowsky I assume you two are now going to make us all laugh so hard we will forget the bad and focus solely on the good. Much like many anti psychotic drugs that are so popular now. Nitrous Oxide gas is effective for this, as well as general anesthesia of course, but in this forum all I can offer is text and weblinks. These notes will not even display basic hilarious jpgs much less gif animations.
We always attract what we are...
Love no matter what.
Agree , positive us live longer, and attract what is happier.
+B Gallagher I feel a bit dumb because I don't know how to respond to that... but alcoholism is something that shouldn't be swept under the carpet and should be treated properly and respectfully.
+B Gallagher Yes I know what you mean and it is good to keep busy... it takes your mind off other things and keeps you prepared for whatever else is around the corner...
I'm an Art student and I've been through so much crap in my life it's unreal... But I'm still going, still keeping my chin up as best I can and just trying to live my life to the full like everybody else :)
tam thi
it's alright for you if you find out new things. happyness always stand by you
We should use the high speed Line in road of Life and becareful about other drivers both who do not care about the rules and shoot them out in first exit and who do care and keep them side by side because they are the ones who keep you awake when you drive!
I'm Am A True Hippy, I Do Not Believe Google Discrimin Only Wanted To Saa May The SunShine on our Face & We Be Blessed With The Love of Our Followers Love, Peace, & Joy, Love Kimmi :)
i agree with u but, sometimes we need to accept 4 what happening in this life... even if its hard to loose them.:-)..... 
I really agree. Only God can shape life perfectly.
I agree with you but some time it is hard to forget the bad
u are right about that it just adds more stress to ure life cause my husband had a masive stroke two yrs ago and im taking care of him plus im taking care of our 5 yr old and with all that being said i dont need alot of drama in my life
thanks they will with the help of the good lord & my son likes ure batman picture u posted he is into superheros
What?  Am I funny? Do I make you laugh?
Hahah that is true 
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