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This seems fun and COMPLETELY innocent.. 

  What could go wrong?!
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Thanks to +AT&T, I can no longer text anybody. Thanks for giving me the courtesy of you screwing up my bill, jackasses.
So that was you.........Call me....
There was a story where someone sent that to a random number which turned out to be a police officer or someone who works for some level of law enforcement. I'll try and find it.
they could text back Great now get rid of the gun and clean the trunk :O
"Only one body? What did you do with the witness?"
Lol - im resharing on the other network.
That's cool Josh..(just saw) I heard Zuck swung by Google for a meeting? Plusbook ha..

Nothing bad could come out of that... Sort of like calling a random person and saying:
"I got the stuff"
Which of corse could mean:
1) you guys are going on a picnic, and you got the supplies... a.k.a 'stuff'
2) your a drug dealer
But once you think of it, Which do you think people will think of first???
Amazing how little sense of humor the police have. You would think that if an officer pulls you over & asks if you've been drinking that the officer would laugh at a response like: "No, but I've been planning to. I was actually Googling liquor stores on my cell phone when your flashers turned on behend me." Not even a smirk.
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