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Just Go outside and SCREAM at the top of your lungs!!!

Tell em' RAPPA said so!!
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That last one would be particularly insane for chicks.
I prefer my level of insanity. It keeps the bed warm at light.
Lol! I love this post :-)!!
hahahahahahaha i can just imagen some of this stuff!
oh my god ... (all in smiles right now) .. :) ... nice share ...

ran away to do number 7
10. Afterwards, ask if you can get a replacement CONDOM if it FAILS.
Allyn E
so funny! lurv it
now i dnt feel so damn alone thought i was the onlyone who operated that way
Ha... that is funny but at the end it was nasty funny. Ha...I wonder how many people actually do that. 
Funny enuff I do most of these things already. At least i know i'm no longer alone. And just to does keep me sane !!
This is brilliant, I shall try some someday! Especially, number 3 "diet water" and 7.
I like #2 and #3 :D #3 is a must try :D
#3 would confuse the shit out of the guy taking the order ;)
Have I reshared this yet?!?!?!? If I haven't, I need to do that... NOW!
Wait Wait Wait... You know what else... Going to Mcdonalds and ordering Water. Or Diet Water.
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