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YAYAYAY! I get my own FRIGGIN ZOMBIE PICTURE made by +byron rempel -- Thanks!
1st " Stalker FAN-Art " I've ever gotten..

He does awesome stuff:

My "Anti-Fan Fan on G+ -- bringing his LOVE OF ANTS ALL THINGS Rappaport appreciated this... +George Rodenbaugh [no relation to STAR TREK guy] also wants one...

Diet Cherry Coke +Julie Bell wants one..

ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE... So I put up a new picture for a new 'art' challenge or just to scratch your head at!

+IamZOMBIE The Cranberries - Zombie
Lego City Zombie Infection
SPOILER Zombieland Ahead: Zombieland best moments
Do not HACK ME -- I will not infect YOU with anything more than Fun, thoughts, animated cats-dogs-real life-babies-aliens-socialblockheads-other, Videos, Links, Shares, Questions and occasionally Answers..

[EDIT: And TALKING A LOT or Talks ALOT! "Non-Boring or for +Hitesh B .. a FLEA MARKET to sort through.. LIFE ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! TOP OF THE WORLD MA!]

SAVE YOUR HACKING FOR : The Walking Dead - season 2 trailer

Have at it... This made my "early evening timeblock" ! [made my inspired by +Chris Pirillo & Clint Eastwood while once again NJ/PA man with a P-lan +George Rodenbaugh and some +Justin Rowland inspired the TIMEBLOCK THEORY]
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The zombie looks like he gets more sleep.
wow, just a little 5 minute lark before taking the kids to the pool LOL - glad everyone had fun. WHO NEXT?!
Awesome! I want one too. ;)
wow, so many to choose from i'll have to draw a name out of a hat for my next one bribing me helps, outright paying me (this is my bread & butter after all ) helps even more
off to find a hat
I could really dig a profile picture with an eyeball dangling and a dislocated jaw. Just saying...
It got you here didn't it? :P 
Lol Joseph.. Yes and I suggested you get a zombie pic too! :) A mention a day keeps the lonely hangouts away!
True dat, asian zombies are the bomb!
just...just don't question it Bobbi Jo...
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