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Sometimes you find a gal that knows what's UP . .

G+ Night / Morning / Day of HUG YOU !
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Yeah, waking up is hard but so is going to bed sometimes too. ;) nite! 
you get a flash bang or an RPG fired into your Bedroom, you would soon be alert trust me! lol
I've loved Zooey since i first saw her in Elf way back in the day, started to love her even more in the Tin Man mini-series, 500 Days of Summer and Yes Man.
Don't talk, just hug. It's still too early...
Pardon me, in an ideal world waking should be pleasant, not hard.
How detached from reality is that quote? Must be nice.
10 AM? The day is in the bag by 6 AM for real business men. Not sure I get this one.
If ZD wants to hug over talk for a bit.. Hey I'll live 
I could work with that with someone as good looking as her
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