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What do you mean? I see no dilemma here. From my perspective it is completely valid road section...

(I almost missed the time to take my medicine...)

I would just climb down the fence and continue my ride :-P
I'd remember that I was inside the movie Inception then start Photoshop and make the road flat again. ;)
great, but the gravel in the centre of the path needs to be in a little pile at the bottom lol
Throw my bike carefully into the bushes there on the left and take my chances climbing down the fence lol
Get back away from such a joke,there could be more...
Drop the bike down first, watch it get annihilated, then scratch my head awkwardly and run away .
just remember 'There is no road'
I will pee from the edge first and then return back.
what about use that fence as a stair to get down?
Compliment the fencer on an impressive job.
Grab the spokes of the back wheel of the bike and hang it over the ledge to see if it will maintain a balance on the vertical roadside. If so, ride down.
make fotos of curse
What would I do? Stop screwing around with PhotoShop. ;)
It - phhb - looks - phhb - like - phhbbbb- Rock bottom.
Spongebob episode, anybody?
I would lower my bike down with a rope made from my shirt, then climb down the fence on the left. Problem soloved. I must be watching way to much of those real survival shows on TV lol.
I would say a prayer of thanks for being smart enough to stop before going overboard.
I would do Cmd-Z a few times in Photoshop until the road was back to normal... problem solved!
who lives in a pineapple under the sea
matthew bob rappa pants
lol, just wait for the bus to come.
just dont miss it
+Chris Betcher that's the right idea. Either that or slap the person that did a horrible photo shop job. The shadows aren't even right...maybe this person worked on some Iranian missile photographs in the past?
i would climb the fence along the side
just keep riding, according the laws of physics demonstrated in this picture, you should just bend with the road, and so on notice the large bolder on the left that is not falling and the gravel in the road going down that is not falling.
-_- no duh, its photo shopped, dont act smart because you think its real
if i were there then i would jumped till nw......................
Climb down the fence, bike on one arm.
Alex K
Think of spongebob.
In my case, I bought my bike second hand from Salvador Dali, so I'm usually fine in these situations.
No really, please tell me how this is a first world problem. Stop fucking tagging everything with memes.
Vary Vary Nice Place Where it is sir
Throw bicycle down on grass. Climb down via fencing at the side. Pick up bike and continue cycling. First world problem solved.
Hahahahaha... I guess I'd just turn back and go take my air ballon for another ride...
Would like to believe I had courage to go down but, honestly, I'd go back!
i knew i should have planned ahead by checking google earth (streetview)
I've seen this road before. It was in a Bugs Bunny cartoon :o)
I guess I'd just turn back and go take my air ballon for another ride...
I would put my bike over the edge and see if gravity switched there, like in inception.
I just knew the world was flat................
follow the road! follow the road!!!
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol
he is test the road to Da hell !
I would drop a rubber ball and see how high it goes on the way up and the get a rope ladder because it wouldn't stop me from enjoying a bike ride.
that defines an "OH, shit!" moment
Find out who that artist is and check out some more of his work.
take photos and find another way down!
99 percent of G+'ers would take a photo of it, and then apply some nasty HDR filter to make it look even more real.
its a camera trick.......................right?
i jump....
mb next life will be better
Jump down on a grass patch. And is that actually real? looks pretty cool
I'd become religious, pray to the FSM and ask it to stop using PhotoShop
Jump Anyway with the Bike, pretty cool through
Majority wins. JUMP
I might as well Jump - sing Van Halen's "jump" song while jumping.
Er... "Keep Walking", Johnny?
Someone has been terraforming...but then, my avatar can fly anyway...
There are alot of tiaéic at lagos airland nigeria. 
Turn around and go back home.
Mine craft in real life. I'd punch the ground until i made a staircase
I dare you to ride down the road.
the fence is still there, put the bike on your shoulder and climb down
go down the fance as if it was a ladder
Use the fence as a ladder. I don't know about the bike. Depending on how far down it is and how durable the bike it, just ride.
Photoshoppeddd. Nice bent grass in the bottom right.
look like rock bottom episode spongebob
yea it does look like rock bottom i wont even go near that place!
Rig up a lift,or something like that.
I would'nt , if I were you in the pic!!
yea!; right...why would i?
Turn right the picture. Follow the path. And then , turn it left again.
walk over to the grass and then slide on down. lol
its just like that one episode if Spongebob where he goes down into the crevice and can't get back up. lol
Use Photoshop ... As its made in the first place !!! lol
Pity his bicycle is NOT even a mountain bike...

I'd throw the bicycle do if it doesn't break I'll follow, Hahahaha
Photoshop art..
Try some metal sticks, pierce to the slop nd u'll drift to land.. You won't be dead (I hope so :-) )
Then cycle.. Throw to the grass :-P
I would dig out my copy of Photoshop and un-Photoshop the sheer drop and make the ground level again. :)
i would go home, what else could happen? lol
I would pass the other side of the road. However, Michael Tangen's answer is more correct.
just jump down after having called for ambulance....
press the history button on photoshop...
use some sort of un-distort plugin is what I would do :)
Don't take a path that leads to hell.....
I would take a rope n get throw down....!!!he he nice
lie down, then use ur hands pull ur body up, walk to the other end; Then lie down again, and jump :)
do like the guy, who skate in the dam in one of the mountain dew add!!!
Though afraid of heights but will try the fence down
im an xtrmest id do any thing AND I MEAN ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wud try with fence, only tat way is possible i think .
I would get out my computer and change it back in photoshop then ride on
I would ask the cameraman how he did it.
drop the bike and climb down the fence
i will throw my bike and use the fence as stairs
pls dont come close it and imergin it to be fake.
Hold the bike with in legs/feet and use the fence like a lader.
I would fire my gardener.
30minute way in 3 minute.......don't worry i have cocacola(soft drink h na)
demand to see the road's manager.
sue the road for discriminating against flight challanged individuals.
do some interviews about it.
go to a celebrity talk show.
get myself a reality show deal.
the road just got america'd.
Turn around
Wow such a fantastic idea I must have the logic of a first grader
One must look ahead before continuing on a dengerous road
i will re-edit it in my Photoshop :P
i would use the fence to clim lone as i waz 90 pounds or less =-)
reminds me of "Point of no return" by Kansas.break out the 8tracks
I'd get off Escher's driveway.
that road has a very well established foundation
throw down my bike, climb down the fence and then go get my bike fixed =]
haha I would definitely turn around and try to jump that *ish son!
Turn around and find a new road im not gonna mess around with trying to get down there!
Throw bike, use fence.
I would just lower my bike on the grass and use the fence to climb down. No little hill is going to get in my way. :)
i would try to make a jump on my bike all the way down
Ride on. At the same time pray that gravity somehow pulls me to that steep cliff.
Interesting road. Is that real or is that one of those painting an artist does on the sidewalk that gives the allusion it drops off?
I am going to go back to were i came from
I'd wonder why there is tracks on that part of the road... and perhaps get the number of whoever built the road and installed the fence. He did a great job lol
ask the person hovering with the camera if I could hitch a ride...
i hope he doesnt
If he falls im going to lmfao
i'll take my ride, speed up.. n hope for a good luck..
any onw who can drive down this i pay them lol
if i am in your place i will be so lucky
you can tell that this was photoshop you can tell . look at the left hand corner there is a small tree if this photo was really it woud grow upright not strate a head.
get rope and lower the bike then climb down the fence like a ladder
throw the bike down and use the fence as ladder... solved!
first i drop byke n then my self
The best thing you should do when you reach at that point of the road, you have to accept death then you can continue with your journey after resurrection.
some one should tell me am dreaming
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 9s pik!!!!!
wooo wooooo! how does one go aorund that man?
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 9s pik!!!!!
Slide down the grass on the side...
Eat the strawberries. 
very very dangerous ohhhhhhhhhhh god
Dont do it u are not Tripple xxx Go back and ride faster
omg magine if he never stopped!!!!!
LOL Liam IT would be a big Splat!
i would go down that in my truck o yeah
Great artwork! Get back on the bike and huck that shit!
that guy should be carefull or else he's gonna go to the hospital.
Is that real? It kind of seems like an optical illusion.
my heart just dropped to the bottom of my stomachhh! :) haha
wow i would go back home and go back the next day with the rope
Fuck it im jumpin, with the bike
Photoshop or pavement painting? I am going with photoshop.
Me: throw the bike down and climb down the fence line <3
Emma : fall
Kia: would take the risk and fall XD
get a rope and find my way down....
or just fall
I would edit back to normal in photoshop.
eric you should email me @
Yoh! a don't know, but i think i would want a robe to go down and use mountain clips to climb up again
adobe photoshop at its best...huh
id ride my bike off the edge then half way down jump off the bike hit the ground, and roll so i dont break any bones
wow..vertical street..use skateboard please..hahaha..
Ck Fang
How to get down? emm..
Knowing me I probably would be like I guess I can ride it normal then find out the hard way lol
Use Photoshop to fix it and then ride on.
I would probably take a million pics, then probably go home. Buuut if I had to go down, then I would carefully drop my bike down the side, then go to the grassy part, and facing in, I would slide down.
Put on a parachute and hope for the best!......
I get vertigo just looking at it.
Anil Das
What would I do?

I would unphotoshop the pic.
This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.
Shopped yea... still cool looking.. a good shop job!
Pactante. Não só..., como mais alguém, além di mim, dirá.
rotate the photo run to the end and rotate again duu
Pinch myself only to wake up in bed and it was all a bad dream! Need AA!!
Welcome baaaaaaaaaack ..don't look..down .. PLUSSERS!
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