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matthew rappaport hung out with 2 people.HEATHER FAY and Ryan Van Sickle
Hangout Conversations w/Matt Rappaport - Guest: Singer Heather Fay
matthew rappaport and 2 others participated
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Goes live direct to YouTube now, huh? Is that new?
There's some crazy magic goin' on here. She just re-appeared! Ya, this show does have that new-car smell. :-) --- (ohiobazaar on YouTube)
Just got here on G+, missed the first numbers, looking forward to hearing some tunes! What is the yellowish guitar hanging behind Heather's left shoulder?
All That Jazz! ☺

waiting for jazz hands
Sweet jesus, let her talk, man!
Catching the youtube comments? You mentioned a counter... it shows 23 people watching now.
Yeah, sorry gotta go with the Beatles on that one. Probably the most influential band in history.
That is like a Flickchart question!! I can't do it!!
Autumn’s Chill is such a great song! Beautiful, Heather!
Wow! Rappaport must be rubbing off on +Ryan Van Sickle! What’s with the Sophie’s Choice question, Ryan? ;-)
Synechdoche, NY was an absolute masterpiece. I think that was the first one that Charlie Kaufman wrote and directed.
Hey, +HEATHER FAY, how is the new album coming? Did you get past your writer’s block?
Heather Fay & The Chart Toppers (just kidding chart toppers is taken)
It’s all you, +HEATHER FAY! Play a song! Quick before Matt can talk again!
Uh oh...there goes Heather...
Intermission...where’s the halftime show???
Damn, I missed it! This whole Arizona timezone.
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