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matthew rappaport hung out with 2 people.Flickchart and Bobbi Jo Woods
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matthew rappaport was in a video call with 2 others
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Is this just audio or do I just not know how to use this hangout stuff correctly?
Dr Strangelove or How I stopped worrying and loved the bomb.
I wanted to see Uggie the dog in 3D
Avatar 3D does make a difference. Absolutely. Saw both in the theaters. And I hate watching 3d movies.
OK I got a good question for +Flickchart !!! ... I see they have a YT account. are there plans to link to the "mashups" / fan vids / funny vids / etc that are already existing on YouTube?
That was the greatest reaction to a joke I've ever typed
It's a dark comedy. Everything Brad Pitt says is ridiculous. The only people who don't think it's a comedy are the 15 year old boys who idolize every word he says.
Fight Club is totally a dark comedy. Chuck Palahniuk wrote it.
I consider Die Hard a Christmas movie. I watch it every year.
Return is better than Empire. Hands down.
Hey Bobbi Jo, Is there anyway for me to get this comment section to load itself without having to reload the page repeatedly?
+Ryan Stuckey the only way I have seen it done best is to load the show into another tab and play it from there, then use the home stream or notifications /refresh as you go.
Return was the beginning of George Lucas' psychosis when he had teddy bears take down soldiers carrying blasters by hitting them rocks, slingshots, and logs.
I'm impartial to the jawas. "wooo TEE nee!" <<< You just said that with FX in your head ^_^
+M Monica I definitely have catwoman and the Mike Myers Dr. Seuss up on the top of my worst movies of all time.
What are the top five directors of all time?
You guys should discuss the different posters that pop up on the site...some of them are pretty awesome.
Guilty pleasures are really hard to rank. Hackers is probably my most ashamedly guilty pleasure.
I liked Addams Family Values as well
+Garry Swanson not this one, no. But stick around and if you want, you can join us for the after-show Hangout on air.
My top 10 (in no particular order)

1) Clerks
2) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
3) Aliens
4) Return of the Jedi
5) When Harry Met Sally
6) Princess Bride
7) High Fidelity
8) A Christmas Story
9) Office Space
10) Fellowship of the Ring
How can you guys not even bring up Kubrick once... geez!
Addams Family Values is a masterpiece. 
The idea of genre is a waste of time. 
The idea of genre is a waste of time. 
+Paul Roustan, no not at all. When I 1st started to do conventions, people thought I was Brian O'Halloran. Probably because of the goatee and the hockey jerseys that I wear. :)
I loved Funny People. Good movies don't fit well into a genre. 
Blame Christopher Nolan for kicking Tim Burton's ass.
Karate Kid stands the test of time. That was perfect chemistry caught on film.
The New Spiderman appears to do so many things right though. Spidey is actually a wise-ass and makes his own webbing. Not too mention how cool the Lizard looks
Flickchart: The Philosophy of Film
Kids are actually a very good judge of movie quality.
What's your favorite Kevin Costner movie?
The lack of Beerfest conversation is staggering.
Dirty Dancing is a great movie, even though it completely bit a scene from Terrence Malick
Anyone remember the movie with that Black Knight that goes to that castle, and Green Man is in the castle. But the hero heads out after, and the Blak KNight keeps stalking hero, and dood goes and sees that witch lady who turns into a toad?
That s%%% was ill, son. :D
Kentucky Fried Movie/Airplane/Naked Gun

+Ryan Hope I'd have to say Dances with wolves, and the field of dreams close second.
Michael Keaton is the Batman.
Is this show making anyone else want to shut down their puter and watch a movie?
^^^^^^ I have that bizzaro movie I outline above ... somewhere ... ...
Cube, now that's one of the best horror movies of all time.
Thanks for having us! We enjoyed it - especially getting to interact with people in the post-show.
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