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Movie Theaters can feel like my church or temple.. but look like one? ;0 
Really cool looking old theater across from where we are eating.

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So... whaddya celebrating today? ;0
#Easter   #fourtwenty   #passover   #punday  ?
Sunday is Easter. Sunday is 420.
Sunday is many things, what are YOU celebrating? Take our quiz from +matthew rappaport & find out G+ers!

#easter   #fourtwenty   #huffpostquiz  
This Sunday is both Easter and 4/20. We're guessing that you are set in your ways and have your weekend priorities in order, right? Easter Sunday is a time to spend with family and friends with lots of colorful eggs. 4/20 is a time to spend with poss...
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Neither. Not even remotely Christian and don't smoke. Pretty much just a day off from work.
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Mini turned 15 on Saturday FTW! #mini   #dogunday   #happybirthdaymini  
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She woof thanks you all and is still awesomesauce up & down the stairs and wherever she needs to be! :)
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Purple Wedding was awesome... looking forward to Sunday's episode ;0
Our Purple Wedding Mashup - HUGE #Spoileralert   #gameofthrones [Spoilers if you've not seen up to Season 4, Ep. 2!] - Season 4, Episode 2 Recap -  Purple Wedding Reactions - See All the Game of Thrones SEX up to Season 3

Happy #moviemashuptuesday  ! #GOT  is like a movie to us!
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Me too.. I have some and will definitely get into them more. Many keep saying "listen to them on audio" hehe which is fine but I wonder how many said they read the books but listened which is close.. +Scott Wilson 
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Gonna be a bright..bright.. bright NYC sunshine-y day!
#Rappavision   #NYC  
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matthew rappaport

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NYC Google Glass #DENIED  by Feast !
For the first time ever this place, Feast, in #NYC just asked that I remove +Google Glass because customers have complained of privacy concerns in the past. Never has happened to me before. I left. #throughglass Feast
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That blows! What are they going to do when Google glass becomes the norm?! 
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VIDEO GAME #GIFtastic  History 

Which was your favorite controller?

+Reshare via +Motavis Jones  #mojo  
Good times
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True mine too +Karen Schumacher .. not perfect hehe.. ages aren't the saqme for all of us lol ... one and ps4 .. +Artie Richard 
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matthew rappaport

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Y YES, YES it tis #caturday  !
+Shannon Shoffner +Stephanie Bird are these books in your collection, too?

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matthew rappaport

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Easter or 420? - Take this quiz I made & find out Plussers

Lots happening on Sunday FTW! Enjoy whatever you might celebrate and if you do take the quiz, comment with your result and what ya thought.
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Have a great life and you are aware .....
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I Amuse You. Host of Hangout Conversations, Conversations+, & The PLUStainment Show. Comedian. Crashing the Hangout & Taking +names. #rappatag #hangoutsonair #awesomesauce
Welcome to my Google+ Profile! Feel free to call me Matt, Matthew or Rappa! I'm a comedic host interested in entertaining and being creative. I also HuffPost:

Things I Love (or what circles you could put me in!) :
Hangouts On Air
Video Games
H.I.R.L. (Hangout In Real Life)
New York Giants
Random Fun
Television :
The Walking Dead | Breaking Bad | Homeland
Dexter | Boardwalk Empire | Fringe | The Newsroom
Game of Thrones | Curb Your Enthusiasm | Seinfeld
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Real Time
Daily Show | Colbert Report | Conan | Letterman
(Recommend Past or Present TV for me to watch!)

Quick Who Am I :
Connected, knowledgeable, affable, quick-witted and generous.  Those traits have made Matthew Rappaport The Ultimate Host.  He is one of a few people of note who hosts Hangouts On Air on Google+/YouTube. Rappaport is known for his marathon shows with the most interesting people in the world.  He's done time on many a film and TV set, enough to get his SAG card. Which is convenient because he has a BFA in Musical Theater/Theater and studied in Oxford. Rappaport directed one feature, along with major involvement in shorts and web series.  The man acts for fun but makes a living as a host and social media crackerjack.  He can explain it to you and make it work for you, not against you. A native New Yorker, he travels to wherever he is needed, all around from Nashville to Vegas  & beyond!

I interview & find out about awesome people in Google+ Hangouts to bring you fun, funny, stories and +more! 

Most Recent Shows:

+Hangout Conversations Year 3 Upcoming Shows:
Fun with The Cramer Brothers (Scott & Keith) Watermelons & Memes

Halloween 2013 : 
Possible #nychirl3 Broadcast

Matt's Recent Hangout Vlogs:

Celebrating (Almost) 2 Years of doing Hangout On Air Shows:

Easter Egg: hi, I'm ON AIR!

I do two weekly Hangouts On Air including:

New episodes air LIVE ON Google+ & YOUTUBE  - Every Thursday @8:15pm ET / 5:15pm PT

Monday Evenings around 9pm est / 6pm pst

Watch Recent Episodes & Hangouts On Air:


In September 2011, after hanging out all summer, I started Hangout Conversations to bring Amazing Google Plussers to the rest of the world that I met and my own style of humor. After each show, I have the audience join us live on Conversations+.

Also, I made a mime and a therapist love story called  Yoko/Schmono that was shown at The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival.    

H.I.R.L. - #nychirl
In February 2012, I planned and held the 1st ever H.I.R.L. (Hangout In Real Life) Weekend in New York City. 100+ People traveled from all over the world to meet for the 1st time after many hours & laughs together in hangouts. People came from Austria, Vancouver, California, Texas and more to really high five & naturally break the hangout wall to sit on the same couch together! As part of the weekend I put together LIVE+ which was a concert featuring Singer/Songwriters +Heather Fay, 
+Ryan Van Sickle, +Daria Musk & +Ram Rich and we had a beautiful #WTCPhotowalk across the 
Brooklyn Bridge lead by +Daniel Enloe, A Super H.I.R.L. (Super Bowl) Party & amazing life changing memories!

Thusday February 2 - Monday, February 6, 2012

Part 2 ! 
I had to have another one :
#nychirl2 was a BLAST and everyone enjoyed
hanging out in real life (or location, or land) !

Thursday, August 9 - Monday, August 12, 2012
My YouTube Channels

Weekly #hangoutsonair shows, posting & resharing the cool & interesting, meeting google+ers, planning events and always a Surprise around the corner!
G+ Caffeine Juice fueling me as well and the Lols.

More Skills 
Getting Songs Stuck into Other Peoples' Heads Laughing with Plussers

To find my Hangout Broadcasts, check out my profile/+hangout conversations or type #hangoutconversations to pull it up! 
Comment & ask questions.. Bring your popcorn!

Yoko/Schmono Trailers at my production company's youtube: Section 10 Films

My Google+ Business Pages:

Sing along with me as I'm 
                                  +Tearing Though the Legends
The opinions expressed here are my personal opinions and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of HuffPst.
                                   #awesomesauce #rappatag

You found some Easter Eggs:

Come hang out at Google+ with me or create your own Google Hangout.

Bragging rights
Worked on a Farm for 3 Summers as a kid, Created one of the first & longest running Google+ Hangouts On Air Shows, and was directed by Ed Burns!
  • University at Buffalo, The State University of New York
    Theatre, 1996 - 2000
  • University of Oxford
    Theatre, 1999 - 1999
  • Plainview Old Bethpage JFK High School
    1992 - 1996
  • William Esper School
    Meisner Technique
  • Upright Citizens Brigade
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