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yup... this is the end,
Anyone who is naive enough to think this recent news ( is good for Google+ needs a reality check: This is the end.

Here is exactly what is going to happen to Google+ -- and I say this as someone who has watched many a community die/service get sunset:

1. The promised "focus" on the product will never materialize. Instead, staffers who were focused on parts of Google+ will continue to get moved to other projects. 
2. New features are not going to come. In fact, it's going to take even longer for bugs to get fixed, again, because no one is actually working on it.
3. Google will slowly start to retire the brand. They'll start by slowing or shutting down signups. 
4. The product will be sunset and users will be encouraged to backup their data using Google Takeout.

It's over guys. You can either accept reality now or continue to use a service that, thanks to its official de-coupling -- is now seen as truly non-essential to Google. Google will let it exist for only so long, but at a certain point, they will retire it. Google Reader died. This will too.

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Works great on BB10 OS.

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Our return home was Hawaii was grueling.
We were up for sunrise on Tuesday (pictured)
Got to the airport for 5pm, we wanted to get there early because we had troubling check-in in Lily.  Our flight back had already changed three times and we had a 7 hour layover at LAX (pictured Lily sleeping on the floor).
Then a connecting flight in Chicago (ORD) was cancelled.  We are re-booked for later in the night (or so I thought).
When we arrive in Chicago, it's a zoo.  At this point we've been flying for about 20h.  I try to print boarding passes and realize they re-booked us for two days later. 
We waited at the +United customer service line for an hour, I am fortunate to have status, the other line looked about three hours long.  We are re-booked again for a flight home to Montreal at 7pm the next day (Thursday), 24h less than before, so that's good.  Because the cancellation were due to weather, the airline is not obligated to provide compensation -- most people were given discount codes for hotels.  Maybe because we were flying for so long, or maybe because we had a 4 year old with us, but we did get complimentary hotel rooms.
We made it to the hotel, up for more than 36 something hours, felling rattled.  The hotel was +Hyatt Regency O'Hare (pictured) and we've never been treated better, it was absolute luxury.  We had nothing, no luggage, no change of clothes.  They gave us toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrushes, shaving kits, etc.  We had dinner in the lounge (great buffalo wings).  The next day we had breakfast at the buffet.  Our server was beyond amazing.  He made sure we ate lots of food, and he packed us a huge take out box with fruits and cereal with extra coffees and hot chocolate.  We read about Chicago in the hotel, our annual Boston trip is now going to be a Chicago trip.
Back to the airport for 4pm.  We check in, the security line is three times longer than it's supposed to be but it goes quickly, maybe 20 minutes.  The airport has an amazing children play area (pictured). 
Our flight is +Air Canada, direct.  The in-seat entertainement is a great for Lily. Our boarding pass has a food icon on it, which means a complimentary meal, however, there is no food on board.
We get home, our luggage is not on the conveyor belt.  We find 4 of 5 bags near the United counter.  Since our last flight is on +Air Canada we have to file a claim with them, on the other side of the airport.  As we wait for, +Emily Robertson find the fifth bag.  It turns out they rushed our luggage home the day before on two different flights. 
We get home to deep snow, finding parking is a pain. It's late, we are tired.  A 14 hour trip took about 50. but we are safe and sound.
To +Hyatt Regency O'Hare  , my sincere thanks for taking care of us, it was a very happy memory in a difficult journey.
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p-Hawaii March 2014 part 3
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Tearaway is by Media Molecule, the makers of LittleBigPlanet. 
It's a unique gaming experience and the most creative game of the year.  Hands down the best video game I've played in a long time.
A great reason to buy a playstation VITA.

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Full rainbow
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Rob Delaney is fucking hilarious.  But this post isn't, still, it's worth reading.

Hey google, your latest g+ ui update makes it unreadable on my phone.  You messed the playbook version by forcing the brain dead mobile version and now the mobile version worse than ever.  I guess you are going for no engagement from non android users. 

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The next project from the team that made Little Big Planet.
Tearaway - Gamescom 2012 Announce Trailer

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No resort fees was the only reason to stay there.
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