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I tried to read this review on my own new Galaxy Nexus and everything Danny says about difficulties in the browser with rendering text were true. It was really difficult to read without scrolling and zooming constantly. Also, I ran into the same weird icon confusion in gmail as well as the OS itself.
My favorite Galaxy Nexus review to date. ★
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The new icons are a bit of a shift, but I found that I adapted pretty quickly.

In the Browser, try Menu->Settings and check out the zoom options under Accessibility, or the zoom or "Auto-fit pages" option under Advanced. One of those options might give you the result you want.
Yeah, the icons were a shock for the first 15min (I couldn't tell what icon should represent "archive" but got the file cabinet eventually). The first time I tried to send an email I was stymied for a good few minutes before I just closed my eyes and tried that arrow paper airplane thing.

Overall, the OS is nicer, but the app switcher is weird, and the "..." used in lots of apps for more options is really hard to see and hit.

One weird thing I've found -- Gmail seems to not sync itself when I'm off wifi like other android phones did. I almost always have to hit the refresh button when I wake it from sleep, then when I archive a bunch of stuff, if I go to my computer with 15min, those messages won't be archived yet. Other android phones Gmail seemed instant and always in sync. Maybe it's a Verizon thing?
The whole ActionBar/Menu API seems to be designed to encourage developers to create phenomenally confusing trees of menus and submenus without any coordinating systemwide design principles. It was a more workable concept in Honeycomb, where at least tablets have the real estate to give buttons descriptive labels and larger icons, but the model just doesn't work on phones. Having four separate parts of the screen in the mail app devoted to navigation is appalling.

I shudder to think how this will all work on phones with less gargantuan screens than the one on the Galaxy Nexus. On the bright side, it is nice to see this trend toward less crapware customization by the carriers and manufacturers.
the send icon is the same in the Google + app. I get that they want to save on screen real estate so you can do more without submenus, but they either need a quick tutorial, or names for the icons that appear when you long press.

Frankly, I don't want to give up my dedicated buttons. On the plus side, I bet many of the ics issues will be fixed in cyanogenMod 9.
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