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Ditto. Something good to keep in mind when I'm playing some kid board game for the millionth time with her.
Late last night, inspecting Santa’s handiwork, a simple thought occurred to me. A decade or so from now, when, say, I’m waiting for my son to come home from college for his winter break, and, when he does, he wants to spend his time going out with his friends — how much will I be willing to pay then to be able to go back in time, for one day, to now, when he’s eight years old, he wants to go to movies and play games and build Lego kits with me, a...
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Saw this earlier and felt like hell after reading it -- last night events conspired to keep my kids up a full two hours past bedtime, which, after getting presents and stockings and whatnot ready for the morning, left me with a whopping 45 minutes to sit in a chair and decompress. I spent Christmas evening in a foul mood and wasn't shy about letting my wife and kids see it.

Then I read that today and thought ah, hell. I just wasted a night with my kids that I can't get back. That's one less Christmas Eve I could have enjoyed with them.

I don't believe in New Years resolutions, but one that I've been trying like hell to work on every day (and often failing) is trying to keep that perspective and maybe not be so much of a self-centered dick.
My son starts community college in a couple of weeks, and then he'll be headed off to a "real" school in the fall. I swear I was just coaching his pee-wee baseball team a couple of years ago, but in reality it's been 12 years. When they are still young you can't fathom how quickly they grow up.
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