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i did not sign up and it sent a email to my e-mail saing congrats... and i ahve no way to contact them.... scam
Shirley Kietzman
My daughter signed me up.  I would like to unsubscribe to but cannot seem to do so.    
i did not sign up neither please unsubscribe from this scam why can't people get off this site
Let me know how to STOP the maddness
Just don't pay. You'll be gone quick enough !
It's all about the money, and if you get connected,  consider your self LUCKY ! Money is everyone's major concern, weather it's not enough , or if your LUCKY twice, way too much of it. 
You would have to have it to miss it, anyone that has extra, and they want to give it to me ! I will take it no questions asked.
please stop sending gmails,and take me off your sight
I was notified that a mutual-like candidate   wanted to hear from me but your  mechanical  apparatus eliminated the Email box before I could blink an eye.  I tried it three or four times with the same result.  George Zimberg
I am almost 62 years old. Match keeps sending me matches of girls that are looking for age 42-53 for example and the girls are mid 40's for age. Can you change my matches to  a more reasonable age range. How about ages from 50-60.
Is it free! tambien also i am 5'6 they match me with women who want tall jewish men sorry! but i am 5'6 and Italian thank you bella1
Is it free?         also i am5'6 and they keep matching me with women who want tall jewish men,sorry but i am 5'6 and italian! thank you her up.
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