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elearning consultant and software developer


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Yet another reason to replace Chrome OS with an open Linux distro:

Google doesn't want you to block connections that track you and collect your personal data.

Bill Clinton might become the US govt's first lady. Do you think he'll behave himself in the Whitehouse this time or will Hillary have to have him chaparoned?

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Dear well-intentioned cheerleaders for Google Apps for Education (GAfE), please get together and have a much needed discussion about the ethical implications of using #GAfE are.

There's no such thing as a free lunch and if you're not paying for the service, you're not the customer, you and your learners are the product. The question is, what kind of a product will you and your learners be and who are you being sold to?

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"What I'm calling the "World Sized Web" is a combination of these Internet-enabled things, cloud computing, mobile computing and the pervasiveness that comes from these systems being always on all the time. Together this means that computers and networks will be much more embedded in our daily lives. Yes, there will be more need for confidentiality, but there is a newfound need to ensure that these systems can't be subverted to do real damage." -- Bruce Schneier

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) appear to be the academic equivalent of free samples. Such educational institutions are behaving more like businesses, treating learning as a transaction between a vendor and a customer rather than communities of learning practice that members join.
I don't think this is what Malcolm Knowles and Carl Rogers had in mind when they wrote about the idea of learning contracts.

Silicon Valley's objective? Eternal, inescapable disruption.

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The biggest problem facing the US education system is poverty. When you control for poverty, the US performs among the best education systems in the world. Now at least one school district is addressing the poverty issue and getting impressive results:

Predictions for 2016? MOOCs have already hit peak hype and will decline while the space they've created will be filled with free standalone, unsupervised, and unmediated "dump 'n' pump", "chalk 'n' talk", "Tylerian" transmission of knowledge type courses of which were popular in the 1990s as CD-ROMs. They may even call themselves MOOCs.
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