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- Licensed, Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, for 15 years. Specializing in Past Life Regression.
- Studied Transpersonal Hypnotherapy for Ten Years

- 2003, Essential of Mastery, Business Principles and Interviewing, Institute of Thought
- 2001, Master, Advanced Certification, Transpersonal Mind Psychology
- 2001, Advanced Certification, Clinical Hypnosis
- 2001, Advanced Certification, Hypnosis
- 2001, Advanced Certification, Past life Studies,
- 1999, Advanced Certification, Transpersonal Mind Psychology,
- 1999, Advanced Certification, Past Life Studies
- 1998, Certification, Emergency Hypnosis, National Guild of Hypnotists
- 1998, Certification, Pain Management, National Guild of Hypnotists
- 2001, Certified Massage Therapist.

Beginning & Advanced Levels

- Critical Incident Solutions and Self Hypnosis relationship
- Mind, Brain, Altered States, Induction Processes.
- Critical Incident Solutions and Self Hypnosis For Self Improvement.
- Pacing, Reframing Trauma, Intensifying Sensory Imaging.
- Hypnosis and Bodywork, Addictions and Past-life Connections.

- Family Dynamics, Reincarnation, Transference Issues
- Past-life Therapy Practicum, Healing Ancient Wounds.
- Regression Therapy and Metaphors, Belief Systems &Soul Mind.
- Transpersonal hypnosis Hypnotherapy, Signs, Symbols and Dreams.
- Death and Transition.
- Past-lives and Ego Constructs, Grounding the Body.
- Sexuality and Regression Therapy, Male/Female Energies.
- Business Principles, Interviewing and money Consciousness

2002-Present - Test Anxiety Expert: BARWINNERS
4,096 client hours of transpersonal hypnotherapy specializing in test anxiety for law students and attorneys taking the California Bar Exam as well as any test anxiety for all exams.

1996-Present - Trauma Specialist: Private practice, transpersonal hypnotherapy for all types of trauma including rape, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, and a variety of childhood trauma.

1980-Present - Dog Whisperer: Specializing in dog aggression and fearful dogs for 25 years. Whatever is going on with the owner has been transferred to the dog. As I change the owner’s belief system, the dog changes. Often dogs look and act just like their owners. This is because the owners put their energy and human beliefs into their dogs. Therefore, if you change the owners you change their dog.
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Leonard Ludovico

“I intend to be a window into the spirit world, to impart messages of love and healing, messages about the continuous nature of life, we are all spiritual beings and, as such, we cannot die.”

Leonard is an acclaimed psychic medium who can communicate with the world beyond. Deeply compelling, often startling and even humorous, his honest, tough and almost skeptical attitude regarding psychic phenomena has made the staunchest of skeptics take notice and listen. It has also earned him an enormous following from all walks of life and ages.

He has a remarkable gift as a spiritual messenger, connecting those on this side with their master teachers and guides on the other side for Divine healing and Divine teaching. He feels it is important to acknowledge the enormous energy our master teachers and guides from the other side are expending in order to come through. They are coming through for us—because they love us, and because they know the ultimate message is a vital one: In these modern, it is important to remember that we are all spiritual beings and, we are all connected, and as such, we cannot die. We can only live and learn forever.”

From the age of six Leonard was able to connect with the other side even then. He was anything but an ordinary kid growing up in Southern California. While his friends played ball and ate pizza on Saturday night, he had out-of-body experiences, talked to people that had died, read minds, channeled spirits, moved objects with his thoughts, predicted the future and saw into the past. It started with going to people’s houses and handling objects of those who had died. As he looked at photographs of living and deceased people, he could tell everything about the person’s life, past, present and future. He could climb inside a dog’s mind and know exactly what was in it. He could get any information he wanted but at age six didn’t know what to do with it.

He did not understand how unusual he was until he went to a psychic at age 29. She let him know that he was special and referred him to the Institute of Thought in San Diego for special training. He now knows that he has an awareness and understanding about things that most people do not have or are not able to perceive.

For years, he gave people readings, reuniting those in the physical world with their loved ones who have crossed over. But Leonard is incredibly driven to get his message out to help people develop their own ability to get the information for themselves. His true gift and goal is to teach people to get their own truth and understanding and wisdom. That to hear it from someone else was not the same gift as being able to access it for themselves. He teaches others to develop their own psychic abilities, accelerate their spiritual development, open and connect to their heart, and to heal from the pain and trauma of their past.

Leonard Ludovico has brought a fresh, honest and though provoking attitude to the world of psychic phenomena. As a psychic medium and counselor, he has, over the last ten years, helped thousands which his uncanny ability to communicate with those on the Other Side.

He is an expert in hypnotherapy, past life regression, dream interpretation, psychological channeling, physical healing of the body, and communicating with the Other Side.

His calling is to help people discover the truth about who they are.

Due to the large demand for his time and ability, Leonard now devotes his time to pursuing his psychic work full time.
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I know you are in a world of pain, but that pain can be lessened and the trauma from the abuse can be removed. You can recover. You are a miracle. The long-terms effects of child sexual abuse can be overwhelming and persistent. It can be hard sometimes to pinpoint exactly how the abuse affected you. It can flood every aspect of your life and being, from your intimate relationships, self-esteems, sexuality, health, work and to even your finances. You may have been too busy just trying to survive to acknowledge the impact the abuse has had on you. But there is help, you can heal, and the trauma can be eliminated so that what happened to you as a child, doesn’t control you today
I’m a specialist in helping survivors rid themselves of the trauma and PTSD from childhood. Most traditional therapies don’t work to get rid of the ever-looming handprint of the abuse. Your therapist may have been nice, listened, nodded her head, but he or she doesn’t know or understand how to remove the handprint of the abuse. Instead, they urged to you “just let it go,” “think positive”, “it was in the past.” As you have already experienced past trauma cannot be relieved that way. I can help you.
Through a variety of therapy methods that I have developed over the last 15 years working with survivors, including hypnotherapy, the trauma can finally be lifted. Survivors report dramatic changes in their body, emotions, mental health and happiness after working with me. You don’t need to carry the burden around with you any longer. You can be set free, and free your life. You deserve to be happy. You are worth it!
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The question we should ask is why do certain events come up all the time. There is always a pattern and rhythm in life. If you want to change your life drastically then you found the right page. If you’re having panic attacks, or something that you’re always running from and you can’t put your finger on it, you can find it very quickly with help. Leonard tells his clients “if your life doesn’t change after the third session then find another Therapist”.
The only constant in life is change. We are either experiencing anticipated change, which usually causes manageable stress, and unanticipated change. Unanticipated change does not match our expectations and causes us to be blind sighted by a problem. This can happen on a conscious or unconscious level. Unanticipated changes cause an immediate need for adjustments and panic attacks are a warning that something has gone too long that needs our attention.
In fight or flight, the psychic body shouts as loud to gain attention. We can either listen in and gain insight related to what requires our attention or we can chose to ignore the warning that a flight or fight response is trying to communicate. Panic attacks occur to wake up a dormant lesson and hypnosis enables people to safely enter those parts of the brain in need of attention and repair.
In his experience with people in his practice, Leonard has seen agitation with the body demonstrated by a lot of wiggling around and facial expressions. Quite often, this occurs when a client is confronting an issue, consciously or subconsciously, they are trying to deal with it. The subconscious mind is resistant to change and will fight to maintain the status quo. However, in the midst of this resistance from the left-brain, the right brain engages to listen.
If the left-brain persists to get you off of the subject of change, the body shut you down your progress. In cases like this of heavy resistance, a panic attack can surface. The result of this condition is a delay in the progress of an individual in exchange for time spent dealing with the stress that is caused by resistance. Letting go is an art that is learned over time and a skilled worker can guide a person through this process.
Quite often, problems that we have been running from, or that we are not dealing with, come up at time after time. After the first session, Leonard has seen dramatic changes as a result of tackling resistance in favor of letting go and allowing the process to tackle a problem and create healing. Metaphors that are constantly reminding the person about what they need to do can be confronted in therapy in order to remove stress from a person, systematically.
Leonard works with clients by bringing them to a place in the mind that knows everything such that they can see both sides of the coin. Some call this universal intelligence. In this process, the left-brain, and the client, can observe a moment and see how it fits into their life. One hundred percent of the time they understand what that means and the problem transforms into a solution.
Remember if you working on a problem and it surfaces and it show up again, this is something critical for you to pay attention to. If you do not wrap your arms around that problem, it will suffocate you.
 A skilled professional can transform PTSD and its impact on your daily life, in hypnotherapy. If you have PTSD from a dog bite, or panic attacks, Leonard can assist you in overcoming them. When you have a panic attack, people and animals in your environment usually show signs of agitation causing a further escalation. Leonard can help you see an area in need of attention to stop that process.
Everything has a rhythm and the continuing is between harmony and disharmony, enlightenment or darkness. So when you break a rhythm it wakes up lessons in your life. As an intuitive from a very young age, Leonard learned to understand people’s body language while remaining sensitive and alert to all the nuances and messages each body unconsciously communicates and how to read that. As a specialist in trauma like sexual assault, panic attacks, PTSD, past life regression and much more, Leonard is able to read clients’ body language quickly and accurately.
There is always understanding to every situation. The left-brain, once you to understand what you’re supposed to learn from the event, will eventually embrace that.  This is not about right or wrong. The truth is an experience comes up time after time and shows you there is a problem. We are energy beings were here for learning and transformation.
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“I believe in no time and space. So if I change the inner part of you everything else changes. Regression does not always have to go to a past life. However, the presence of a specialist is of up most importance. “
Spread your wings. Set yourself free and learn to accept things that the universe once to offer you. If we are not in a place to accept things that we want to receive, then we can’t expect things to happen. The mind knows everything. However, the left-brain denies access to your right brain, which is the part of the mind that is all-knowing.
Regression is a place where you can find out what you did in another lifetime. We have many different past lives that are connected to the life you are living now. When you change a part of you in another lifetime it changes that part of you today. The soul’s job is to get you to learn in this life now so you can evolve and grow.
The removal trauma is that feeling that you’re having problems in a certain area will no longer come up. In time, you will know your lesson when it shown to you over and over again. The soul wants you to fix it and the brain can put up resistance. Whatever your beliefs are, the removal of blockage changes your life and resulting frame of reference. What follows is the transformation of the situations that you find yourself in. Remember if you can’t accept a gift then you can’t expect to receive one.
As a guide, truth seeker, and gift giver, Leonard has a 15-stair regression process he utilizes with his clients. The process is when one is awake and, therefore, able to recall events that unfold. The process is in a conscious and safe environment guided by a skilled professional. Click the case studies showing this process at work, if you are interested in learning more.
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Have you ever wanted to identify, remove or repair events in your life so you can be productive? Leonard can help you transform these events giving you more creative freedom. Leonard Ludovicio is a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist working with Past Life Regression and his Eight Sacred Disk TM methodology. He enables his clients to have the ability to see and understand why a situation is happening.
Hypnosis is a natural, normal state that allows access to the unconscious through the use of the right side of your brain. In this trance state, you will take your self to an experience that will explain the circumstances that are happening in your present daily life. By tapping into the wisdom, understanding, and emotions of an event, you can heal your past (which also impacts your present moment) by tapping into your creative intelligence within. Most of the helpful information comes from the unconscious, which holds the memories that are not available in a conscious state. The use of transpersonal hypnotherapy is an effective tool to gain insight and transform your life
The art of science of hypnosis is old and new; Old, because it is a pedigree that stretches back in history, dating back from 2600 BC to the present. Different methods of hypnosis have been used since ancient times in the East. In the Far East, for example, Wang Tai, the father of Chinese medicine, used medical procedures that were the hypnotic nature. In the West, the most infamous person who used hypnosis was Frank Anton Mesmer. He is reminded for the term mesmerism, which was his process of inducing a trance by passing his hands and magnets several times over an individual’s head.
Modern day applications of hypnosis have been subject to the full force of scientific scrutiny. This happened after the discovery (that is, rediscovery) that the unconscious mind, emotions, personal environment directly influence a person’s state of mental, emotional, and physical health. Transpersonal hypnotherapy is on the leading edge of therapy modalities today. Regression therapy has the ability to get to the root cause of a certain issue, and allows individuals to heal themselves.
Skilled workers have further discovered that hypnosis could be used to induce relaxation and treat ailments, both physical and mental.
Hypnosis is a complete natural state, which allows access to unconscious memories that might be causing stress or blocking progress. Many problems are resolved and effectively dissolved using hypnosis. It is a state of heightened susceptibility to suggestion, a state of the relaxation. There are many different types and levels of trance states. Using Leonard’s technique, the person hypnotized is aware of what is happening, he or she is conscious, in control, and using more mental abilities. The state is like a daydream. The person daydreaming is aware of what is happening with their body, but is focusing on the dream.
Leonard’s role, as therapist, is to guide clients through the experience safely. Much like a tour guide who would plan your trip and escort you, Leonard would arrange the plane reservations, hotel, tickets, but it would be up to you to physically go. In the same way, it would be up to you to take this insightful journey into the depths into your own mind. This process enables you to clear away the clouds that block your perceptions.
The first step in finding a problem is starting the right question or developing a statement that will take a person to the root source of their difficulty. Leonard guides clients to a proper depth of trance to allow total recall. The individual will then go to an experience, which holds the answer to the question, gain the wisdom and understands, and will return back from the event, with assistance.
Hypnotherapist is used in conjunction with, and compliments, virtually all other forms of therapy. Focusing on the material and the physical aspects of a difficultly results in efficient and effective healing for the individual.
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Little Hummingbird mama awaits you this am to cheer you up and remind you to accept the nectar live offers you. As women, we often have trouble receiving or feeling worthy of it.
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