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Google + seems pretty awesome with i could get all my facebook friends to switch over and a nice android app to make it easier!
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no shit. I need a fkn iphone app lol..
yeah hopefully the iphone app gets approved soon lol. apple is always slow ;o
yeah, mine doesn't like to work because I have 2 gmail accounts on my phone, my work one which is set up through googles partnerpage and my regular gmail one so I'm gonna have to play with that to get the web app workin
i thought that was it on mine too and i deleted one of my gmail acc then reinstalled g+ and its doing the same thing and just saying "connecting" when i click my main email then doing nothing.
It must be a bug. I have 2 accounts but only one on my phone nor do I have a gmail addy tied to this google account. The hangout is pretty neat since u can video chat with so many people at once
yea I'm sure you've been penis posting it up like on chat roulette :x
Well mine is just fine, but I hate that the app is so limited. I'm hardly ever around a comp with an internet connection anymore. So my profile is super lame haha.
yea the no ads is amazing. fuck facebook and their advertisements
There is a plugin through firefox that gets rid of the ads on facebook. I like how this thing connects all yout google stuff! how do you video chat tho?
thanks. is that available on the android app?
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