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mary pinizzotto
Sit Less, Dance More!
Sit Less, Dance More!

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Fracking GMO's
Syria, Egypt the Middle East
Climate Change
Abortion, Guns and Starving children
right here at home
and abroad
no wonder
all anyone wants to talk about is
a little girl
twerking for attention.

who produced her are somehow hidden
under the radar
How is it she is the focus of our disgust?
She's a little girl doing what the machine
has programmed
the perfect plant to
distract us

True femininity is needed now
not some manufactured Kardashian kind but
true honoring of
life, the earth our hearts and souls
been sold for numbers in a bank account somewhere
lives lost, humanity paying the price
Dance I say,
Restore your own true nature
So that she may restore hers
and perhaps one day
He will also understand that
domination isn't a winning plan
no one wins in this game
it's time to make a change
in my own ways

Stay awake
keep optimistic
be kind
buy local
help my neighbor
and the strangers
who look nothing like me but breathe
the air I breathe
and are connected to me

lead with love,
fear not and stay vigilant
contribute joy embrace the darkness
but don't feed it
Share real shit - stop promoting paranoia

live now for this moment is the only thing that is certain


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Seen in Port Townsend...

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This is what i'm talking about!!!
“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” -Anon.

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take 5 minutes to shake your a$$ets with me! You'll feel good!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!
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