Hey +Kathleen Galarza 

 I hacked your writing from http://cibrarianess.blogspot.com/2014/07/make-something.html.  Here is the other side of the overheard cell phone conversation, picked from Frasier’s cruise ship episode. Surprised to get something so sad from a sitcom.

One side of overheard cell phone conversation:

What is she doing here?

She did ask me to give you a message

Obviously this woman means something to you

provide some perspective

if you feel it would tarnish your image

Stop right there. I know what you are going to say.

I’m not as emotionally fragile as all that

In all these years I’ve never actually seen her face

tell me about it

You’re going to tell me I should mind my own business and keep my big bazoo shut

That certainly does sound tempting

Okay you’re right, we’re on the voyage of the damned

I have three minutes until I have to be downstairs

All right, I’ll go

after hanging up:
I’m so sorry. 
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