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Check out the new #Marvel and #GetGlue blog post to get the scoop on new Marvel comics & GetGlue stickers! #readcomics
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"BUTCH" would make a good comic strip!
I wish there was a -1 button for that comment
I like marvel better but i LOVE batman!!!
Are You saying how are you to me?????????
well ok u you all are nerdzz ahhahah!lolzzzzz
Thank you for that flattering compliment "Epic". 
what are you talking about?
and nerdz i dont like but then at the end of the sentence it said lol if nerds even know what that means!!!
Everyone knows what Lol means. You're not helping yourself so just stop.
I prefer being called a "Geek" now. I think it's part of a subculture nowadays. Nerds still sound bad to my ears, more of a social recluse.
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