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Get the full behind-the-scenes scoop on designing #Hawkeye's costumes and weaponry for #Marvel's The #Avengers! Which Avenger's costume would you want?
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He was one of the original members of the avengers...
gotta go with Iron's the flying thing...
Jim El
Thor. Definitely.
HAWKEYE! or possibly the hulk. But mostly HAWKEYE!
Jay May
Already halfway done with my IronMan suit!
working on moon knight
not gonna have it done in time for halloween
Apu Das
of course my superhero iron man!!!
you guys are way better than dc comic
IRON MAN. Because he is a Fe Male. HA!
lol cos ironis fe in the preiodic table
yeah i am right if you espanol dont say its incorrect
have A look at my mates singing on my profile
Apu Das
thor.of course. 
Iron man for the win.... Or wasps
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