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#Avengers fans! +1 this post if you are assembling for the AMCTheatres Marvel's The Avengers Marathon tomorrow!
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I just watched it last weekend in Mexico, definitely the BEST MOVIE of the YEAR !!!!
I wish I could, but I have reserved seats for Saturday!
I cant wait!!! 35 hours to go!
There are people who aren't?!?
I already saw the movie twice!!! I plan to watch it 3 more times. It's great, 20 years waiting for this movie.
I watched in the UK, and can i say Joss Whedon has done a masterpiece. Please let him do the next one
I bought my ticket already as well, I've been waiting three years for this movie!!!!!
Got my tickets last night in a wine induced rage after i had this dream i was too late.
So anybody going local?
Impromptu meetup?
not me i just love this movie it sooooooo anwsome man
Very good movie. I'll see it again.
going to see it again at the grove!! this movie is Freaking AWESOME!!!! GRRRRRR!!!
We'll be seeing the marathon, and giving away some fun prizes, at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Houston. We caught an early screening last night and the movie is fantastic, so we can't wait to see it again!
muy equilibrada la pelicua, humor, accion, drama todo junto. Y no se vayan de las salas, tienen que esperar el final de los creditos se llevaran una sorpresa.
What's this marathon everyone is talking about?
good stuff sleek dialouges overall an entertainer to its requirement
no a -1 button defeats the purpose, if you don't like it dont follow it its as simple as that
Already saw it Mexico; want to watch it again!
It would suck to be that plane
i cant wait to see it friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
marvel is awesome but dc comics is cool to
Wanted to, but the tickets sold out before I could arrange time off from work. :(
I'm looking forward to watching the Marvel marathon this week, and only a few days before my birthday. The Avengers movie is included in the marathon, so, you know, sweet.
AMC Westgate in Glendale Arizona!
+Marvel saw it in Malaysia in IMAX 3D ... to those planning to watch ... stick around for a short clip at end credits ;-)
In italy is at the cinema and is a fantastic movie!!! I love this film and congratulations to Wedon and MARVEL because this movie excited me a lot
The hulk kicks some ass in this movie we need a new hulk film now please 
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