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Get over 50 issues of the Brand New Day era of #SpiderMan for 99 cents a piece! Good through 11 PM ET!
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Probably why they're selling it for cheap lol
No thanks. "Rebooting" a character after saying all the stories you were telling actually mattered was completely insulting.  I WAS a large Spider-Man fan...I stopped buying it after Brand New Day.  Until you find some way to reverse that bastardization to Spider-Man lore, you won't see me spend another penny on Spider-Man.
No, it's not at all.  What is the point then?  That's part of the whole reason to even buy them is to invest in a character and storyline.  Might as well have just bought DC all your life then, where reboots were common place.  Marvel did pretty well most of it's life by keeping a great continuity and building on it.  Essentially Joe Q lied when he said Peter's unmasking was going to it didn't, done via some lame "deal w/ the devil" to essentially re-hash tired old stories already told w/ second rate villians.  If you wanted a "new Spider-Man," the Ultimate universe was there for you. No thanks on this crap.
+martin del mar  it was the same way for me when the 10th doctor regenerated and they brought in Matt Smith. i was crushed.
+martin del mar  it happens to me all the time with the shows and books i love. they kill of my fave characters or do something stupid. i cry every time. consequently i spend a lot of nights crying myself to sleep.
Wow, you guys really didn't like it? I started reading Spider-man with Brand New Day. I'm still trying to catch up with the modern stuff (currently #650). But I didn't think it was that bad. The newer stuff maybe #600'ish on is much better, but still, BND wasn't all that bad.
It was a disgrace.  You want to read some good Spider-Man, go back to Kraven's Last Hunt, or ASM 269-70, or just most of Web of Spider-Man.  The Peter David title prior to OMD was pretty good to (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man).  Unfortunately a good portion of the title got roped into cross-overs but the ones that were not involved were all pretty good.  The JMS run on ASM was good. The stories they could've told w/ an unmasked Peter would've been really interesting too.  Instead...they copped out and just decided to re-heat the old material in the microwave.  Sad really.
,,,and truthfully...I don't care.  I read BND, BND itself was bad, and the whole premise was horrible and a terrible turn for the character.  The only issue I've bought since was 600, partially because of the number, and partially to see the Stan Lee story...but overall, still underwhelmed.  They f'd up...wish they would just admit it and actually put the character back on the normal path of development.
+Mike Lewis it really wasn't that bad, but it wasn't that great thats all. I don't really understand the rage against it though
I guess I just didn't know any better coming in at that point. The only think that really didn't sit right with me the aftermath of the unmasking. I was pretty lame how everyone "forgot" it was Peter. I do think they wrapped it up rather nicely with Dr Strange in #641. Not the best, but pretty good all things considered. was lame and unnecessary, that's the point. The annoyance comes from following the character for years and having an investment in its history (in time, money and storage) then suddenly nothing before matters anymore because Joe Q became lazy essentially. Also annoyed with the fact we were outright lied to about the unmasking it didn't. Only a few months later they white washed it. If Peter is an "everyman" then they needed to sack up and deal with some "everyman" problems. Aunt May is old as dirt and it was her time. If MJ didn't want to stay married, get a divorce. Instead they got lazy and while a big Spider-Man fan, I couldn't financially support the bastardization of the character. History should mean something. If not...what's the point really?
+Frank Even yeah, I totally agree (i think). I guess I just didn't know how "the good old days" were ;)
Essentially they didn't feel like writing about his relationship problems (that they created) or about an unmasked Peter apparently. The reboot was just so lazy and pathetic....and now having to wonder what history matters and not is just stupid.
i went  and seen the new spider man movie it was awesome spiderman all the way
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