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Kotobukiya Hits the Mark with new #Hawkeye Statue! #Avengers

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This is how he should have looked in the movie... jus sayin bro!
For the comics, the fancy designs are fine, but for the movies I prefer a little more realistic style. Not sure why I'm okay with it in print but not on film...
Captain America prime example, of replicating the comics, Iron Man prime example.... no?
Yes, but even still, costume looks a little clunky on cap at times, at least to me. Although to each their own
The Marvel Movies have always felt more like the Ultimate universe, especially with Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. I think the costume in the movie fit in that universe better than this one would have. Both are cool imo.

Also, this sculpture is so cool!
i loved the new Avengers movie
marvel is the sheeet <3
My son DS turned me on to all of these boiiis
david sojourner is such a good son<3
oh well you should learn! swahili >>>>>
+Jason Hemsley I totally agree. I think Cap's outfit in his movie was better than the one in The Avengers, but they're both a little cheesy looking. To be fair, I think it's difficult to make a Captain America outfit that doesn't look a little goofy on film unless you completely ditch the red/white/blue motif, and at that point, you may as well just put him in some cargo shorts :)
This is great! I would have greatly preferred it if Hawkeye had this costume in the movie. It's a classic. ...Then again, I also would have preferred Ant Man(/Giant Man) and the Wasp instead of Hawkeye and Black Widow in the first place. Guess I'll just keep looking forward to the Ant Man movie :)
Also the Ultron head is a great touch.
alright, let's go!
Meh, he just doesn't do anything for me (like Thor, I don't really like him either)
my son& I are collectors of super heros especially vintage I really dig this.......
It would've been way better if he looked like this in the movie
There's a fine line between reality and comic book fantasy. This "look" won't work since in the movies these characters must give off the appearance of looking real and not like their right out of a comic book... Great costume though....
I was okay with the way Hawkeye looked because he had the whole "soldier of SHIELD" thing going for him, but this would have been MUCH cooler.
I saw something like that at the Boston Comic-Con this year.
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