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Marvel surges into 2014 with All-New Invaders, Inhuman, Avengers and more as part of an exciting new initiative! Which book are you most excited for?
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All-New Same crap end of the world events and now another reboot?
James Robinson is a great writer. It's good to see him working for Marvel.
Rod W
Wonder if we'll ever see sub mariner on the big screen? 
I'll be picking up Inhuman for sure. Gotta love that Joe Mad art!
+Adriano Rapussi I agree. I was bummed when they did the reboot with thor, nova, guardians of the galaxy, etc. I have yet to read the infinity series. Hope its not like the age of ultron. That was pretty weak.
+Julius Han so far it has been 2 issues and all we see is death and destruction everywhere. I hope Jonathan Hickman will bring a better solution to this event, because he is a good writer and his New Avengers is awesome.
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