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Not to nit-pick, but the Hulk didn't say that. :P

Still an awesome background though!
One of the best lines from any of the Marvel films and one that finally captures the character of the Hulk perfectly and succinctly. I'm looking at you Ang Lee.
He also didn't say "Hulks smash," one of the few disappointments in the movie.
You notice that "Avengers Assemble!" was never bellowed by Cap during the movie either.
That would have been to cliche to yell that during the movie.
It was better when Cap said "Hulk? Smash!" instead. Far more clever. Does the hulk actually speak in any of the movies?
I'm not interested in Hulk setting new standards for inventiveness. I want him to smash stuff, and be really upset about it all. 
Fred L
+Jason Dabrowski +Jeremiah Terry  Ed Norton's Hulk also said "Leave me alone" when he first transforms in the brazilian factory. And Ruffalo's Hulk he does have the one line in the Avengers after his encounter with Loki.
"My secret? I'm always hungry." -- Gastro-Banner
+Mikki Mouse Banner said that BEFORE he turned into the Hulk at the start of the battle in NYC.  Hulk had one line in the movie, and it was after he "rag dolled" Loki.
best part of the whole movie. hands down! even though i am totally in love with loki, i loved seeing him get his ass kicked!
Loki is an awesome character because deep down most of us wish we could give in to those more mischievous thoughts and plans.  But we find him even more relatable because most know what it's like to live in somebody's shadow. Or try to win somebody's affection or approval like Loki has in the Marvel Universe.  Then on top of that, Tom Hiddleston did such an awesome job portraying him that he's a fan favorite villain now.
+Tim Holmes  thats so right! i've been told that i  should be a villain because i have a mischievous streak a mile wide, and all i would have to do is let it loose! luckily for everyone else im not going to. im just  too nice for that. ;)
If I could be any superhero that I wanted,it would be the HULK!!! Hands down!
Really good acting from m.rufallo, imho. He did a good portrayal to the ultimate version of banner. he lacked melancholy though..
I love that guy! I have seen alot of his work prior to this and Im gonna go out on a limb and say he did a better job than Edward Norton.
I thought that the "Hulk" version was not believable. He didn't act as much wild like he did in the comics. But maybe "Bruce Banner" learned to control the "Hulk" better as in control. (Quotes for the fictional saying.)
+Terry Heick  Hulk may not have said  "Hulk smash" in Avengers, but Captain America said, while delegating, something in the lines of "...and Hulk? Smash." So at least the line is in there.

On a related note, I'm dissapointed that Wolverine starred in four movies without saying he's "the best at what I do".
 Yeah that is true hulk is always angry
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