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Dazzler steps into the #Marvel Psych Ward as we prepare for X-Treme #XMen! What's your favorite #Dazzler story?
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I have never heard about this character.
Finally! Some Dazzler! For those who have not heard of her, she had her own comic for a while (42 issues), and was a member of the X-men for a while. She can convert sound into light as her mutant ability. Not a big power, but it is just about unlimited (!), and she can store sound energy to use later. Also, lasers are a form of light she has learned to harness.

I don't have a favorite story. I liked the Dazzler from the late '80s, as the disco thing from the '70s was kinda weird, and the punk rocker thing from the late '90s and beyond didn't intrigue me, either.
The only thing I have heard about this character was that she was a rock star. That's all I know.
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