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I guess if I'm going to make a post about my use of Social Networks and Google+, I should share it here.
SocialNetworks. 11 July 2011. writing · internet culture. tags: I wasn't cool enough to be in the first wave of invitations, but I have now got onto Google+, the Maybe Next Big Thing in social net...
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Yes that's a typo, now fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.
i kind of agree. Except the facebook portion. I refused to goto facebook because it seemed overly complicated and i remained mainly on twitter till i got my google plus invite. Being able to separate really easily my friends into groups from within the first minute is a big plus from me. The fact that there are not 100000 applications in that i get invited everyday is another plus.
Nice write-up.
I don't know if you've read Vincent's Mo post... 'On Google+, anyone can add me to their circles, and they never see more than what I share with them. It's as easy as not adding them to a circle.'. That is the main benefit that I see, specific content depending on the audience.
Google+ feels much better and easier to handle, but if all my friends are in Facebook and refuse to leave it, it doesn't do any good.
+Arttu Viljakainen's comment sums up my feelings as well. I don't need another social network, but I would like to have a more useful and interesting one.
Since you're talking about how to put up a good avatar picture: you might want to upload yours again in higher resolution. The big version on your profile page looks very jpeg-y. A quick google images search shows that the same image is available with better detail.
Thanks for letting me know. Goodness knows how it got that messy, it's the same jpg I upload everywhere. Probably got downscaled some time in the past. Fixed now
Thank you Martin for a great post! Btw. is there a typo in "Link in"? Should it be "LinkedIn" or is "Link in" some sort of a nick name for that?
Google+'s UI is very simple and easy to use. I think everyone will be here soon, by the way, great post.
@Pekka No it's not a typo, I was trying to be witty :-/
In response to +Martin Fowler's statement in the blog article: "If they don't move to Google+ I'm staying with Facebook even if Google+ is nicer."

Everyone is probably thinking this about you too. Everyone is waiting for everyone else to switch, so it's a catch 22. I think the best way to approach it is to "deprecate" Facebook and slowly ween yourself off of it as more of your Facebook connections migrate to Google+. I certainly use Google+ more (and I like it better than Twitter/Facebook), so I will be following you here instead of your other social networking profiles.
We'll see how it goes. For the moment all my professional posts will go through twitter. I won't duplicate them elsewhere.
Like you, Martin, I use Twitter for my public posts and twitter to chat with friends, and try not to post things both places. But I've also noticed that many people post the same stuff (generally less personal) to both. I've actually wanted to find a place to talk about how I use these -- I only started using Facebook in December after using Twitter for years. It's interesting that this new place seems to be the best place for this discussion.
What's the next step of facebook. It would be interest.
I'm hoping they start integrating some of Waves features later - it was almost bordering on a Wiki, then G+ would be FaceBlogWikiTweeter ;-)
Martin, I found myself over time with a sort of Facebook paralysis... I didn't really care to see Mafia Wars and Farmville updates from the world, frankly. Further, I found myself thinking often that "I want to share this bit of info with some friends, but not with all of them, so I guess I won't post it". I wanted to share deep philosophy with close personal friends but not with acquaintances, and I wanted to share geek thoughts with geeks but not family, etc. It didn't take me long before I stopped using FB altogether. It looks like Google+ might satisfy my needs, so I'm giving it a try!
Is no one else bored of hearing how Google+ re-invented the notion of having groups of friends. Seriously, just because you never saw that feature on Facebook, doesn't mean it wasn't there. Some of us figured out how to manage that kind of thing months/years ago. FB always had the feature to allow per-group permissions, they just weren't in your face on every post. This might also shock you, but Apple didn't invent apps either. ;-)
+Craig Russell You're right when you say, "just because you never saw that feature on Facebook, doesn't mean it wasn't there." But it does mean that it doesn't matter that it was there.
Re-reading my post, I seemed to have been in a bad mood! But it was just a simple desire to point out to those not in the know, that the option always was, and still is, available to FB. I actually prefer the FB approach because what google wanted, is happening, ie, people take more care to ensure those circles are correct. I do wish they would always appear as a predefined default, rather than your last post. That always almost gets me.
Craig & Mark, I stopped using FB for a few *years*, actually, because there was no way to direct my posts to particular people. Right after my Sep 21 post above (and before your Sep 25 post), I took a fresh look back at FB and saw the friend group functionality, so I've resumed posting there (and stopped posting here, except for this thread). I actually prefer Google+, but "all the cool people" are using FB. :-)
I find g+ to be a bit of a geek club (no offense to anyone!) which I like for that. I can post extra geeky stuff here that 99% of my fb contacts wouldn't be interested in. That will all change though, if g+ is to survive.
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Not necessarily - I only check this once a month - Twitter would probably be a better place ;-)
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