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31 Women Who Helped Build Google Plus!

Unfortunately I've got to republish this shared list every time I add people to it because the old shared version doesn't update. Here's a new version with 50% more people than the there were in it the first time I shared. Please let me know if you or someone else should be in this Circle, I'll wait awhile before republishing it though.

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Rae O.
I like your list, but you are also missing active women, that are just not as popular or entrenched in technology with their brand already in place.
Just added it to my "Google Plus" circle, and it must have added only about 3 names that were missing.
+Amit Morson that's pretty remarkable, sounds like you're pretty tied in with the women developers at Google already then!
I don't really separate any circle by gender, but looking through the Google Plus circle it does contain much more women than men. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be the case in an office walk trough though.
New Google+ 2.0 for Android Ice Cream Sandwich!
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