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The US spends more money per capita on healthcare and gets less life expectancy for its money than any of 20 other wealthy nations in the world. That trend has just grown stronger over the past 40 years.

Charts from Lane Kenworthy, Professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of Arizona. Via +Nathan Yau via
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One reason for the disparity is that so many dollars are wasted on non health related activities. Look at how much money is wasted managing all the different accounting relationships for something standard like a colonoscopy. You can easily end up with 5 or 6 separate bills for participants who had only varying relationships with the procedure, but you still have to pay the overhead for all the administrative paperwork involved in managing and tracking all that stuff. My conclusion: health spending is an employment program primarily and secondarily a health program.
As long as there are drugs people will always try to get people hocked on it. if we are superior beings than the birds, insects, fishes and animals; why do animals not need a hospital for their COMMON colds, cuts, and other hardships. Perhaps because they have no fear of tomorrow and thus has no need to build, stock, or protect their goods and themselves. The birds leave their nests in the morning and returns with a full stomach, because they sing don't worry be happy.
That's true but not because there's some problem in the government or in the budget or in the healthcare system, the core-problem falls basically in the same ppl whose eating habits are awful!!, too much junk food everywhere, and too little consciousness in the ppl to overcome bad eating customs, most ppl (and not only in the USA) always go for the tasty or for the fast but very seldom for the nutritious food.
It's a complicated mess, but between our education system, our food system and our health care system, it seems that many constituencies have huge investment in keeping your average American weak, ignorant and exploited.
+Humayun Khan Tell you what. You try eating the food animals eat and drinking the water they drink. Live on what rats do, as they are mammals. We can't drink freshwater that fish live in and that other animals, mammals, birds, etc., can manage. We're perhaps the most vulnerable species on the planet. We have limited natural defenses against predators and disease, even against climate. A housecat or common dog can live in temperature extremes that would kill us, had we no artificial defenses like clothes and shelter.

It has more to do with turning the provision of medical care into a business rather than calling. That and complete and utter ignorance about diet and maintaining our bodies…
Didn't RomneyCare try to solve these problems in Massachusetts?
Interestingly it's lowering health care costs.
+Dennis D. McDonald By all accounts, it did solve some of them, as the Affordable Care Act is doing nationally. But meh, criminal socialism, just one more act of aggression by a post-colonial Kenyan Marxist who was born in the United States.
+Paul Beard thats what I said. read between the lines brother. we cannot live like them because were not animals, we can ease our suffering. What I am saying is that we cannot be afraid of suffering because suffering makes us strong. we don't live in the open or drink dirty water because we know better. But we are blinded by the glory of our knowledge, we think our selves high and mighty. But the point is hard work, organic food, a good mind, and a good will, cannot be overcomes by any ordinary disease. Eat good food = happy, healthy. Eating junk food = misery, stress, laziness, fearful mind and weak body.
@ПерсиДавид - Totally agreed! Here in the States, a salad cost 4-5 times that of a full hamburger 'meal' does.

Saw a report several years ago, that showed that when 'we' paid more for real food, the health care cost were down, but now days, with cheap 'food', health care costs are UP.

Also several years ago, Morticians reported that it is taking a human body to decay...

As for the 'over-head' because of administration, that is also a big problem.

In an age where everything is now digital, how come there is still so much real paperwork that needs to be filled out...

I got charged $100 for being a new Patient after filling out SEVERAL pages of paperwork...

How many business to you know that change you for being a new 'customer'?

Profits before health and people is the norm, and our government is unwilling to do anything about it because the Corporations and Lobbyist control own them.
Every bit of what we had pre-Obamacare was very heavily regulated by state law. In effect, it was already government healthcare as nearly everything a health insurance company does is under state government mandate. Now, we've added a federal layer of additional costs to this.
Goverment cant fix shit. We need jobs. Job pay taxs and better heath for all. Job and more job
+Steven Jay the ignorance you just displayed in that simple statement makes me happy I moved to Canada.

The United States is the only modern country that does not provide health care for their people. The people of the United States are the whiniest individuals I've ever seen and are the ones responsible for the decline of the country as a whole.

You know why corporations can buy politicians? Your ignorance. The average american is too fucking stupid to find out who the candidates are, so to get that information out there, these candidates must spend tons of advertising dollars to campaign cause you the people are too god damn ignorant to actually find anything out.

The government can fix things. You know how government fixes the jobs problem? Tax incentives and infrastructure.

By making an area more attractive to a corporation these corporations will move into an area and start providing jobs, just like if healthcare were truly ran by the government and not just regulated by the government (huge difference) then people would be able to not be afraid of being sick like every single other modern country in the world.
I think more than insurance its important to figure out why getting medicine/going to the hospital or whatever else is so expensive...

if the bills can be cheapened the insurance will likely follow or depending on how cheap may not be as necessary....

is the money being spent on important things like better equipment or research?
or things that need to be solved like to many law suits (we are sue happy...) or to many patients not pay forcing the hospital to charge those that will more to make up for it...
Interresting, we need Mitt Romney to solve this.
The most profitable sector is durable medical goods and medical supplies. You didn't hear a peep from them during the debates about govt. supplied health services and for good reason. They're going to rake it in with Obamacare.
Because its a business an the sole purpose of a business is profit and nothing else. Life an death are only words. I am seriously it's all about money, because people go to hospital to work and earn money not to help people. There are no position such as caretaker, but receptionists, nurses, doctors. There was a reason behind Gandhi's dislike of doctors and lawyers because they turned genuine concern for others well being into a profession.
Since when is America wealthy? Last I checked we're about $16 trillion in debt.
What the fuck is Romney going to do? We don't need another face or a business man. We need a genuinely caring, hardworking person, who will not make any empty promises or any promises for that matter. We know you can't control the past, present, or future and we don't expect that's just be honest and do what you say you will do. Honesty has higher priority than vanishing comforts.
Well Humayun, Obamacare turns health service providers into slaves as they are mandated to perform a service and can receive harsh punishment for not performing whether they are paid or not. What was Ghandi's view on slavery?

Food and water are more basic health necessities. Should they be provided at no profit too?

This experiment has already started and costs have already started to rise with high premiums for those that do pay. Tell them it should be free.
what is profit, it's what you can con people out of. But if you trade a days work for a days work than there will be no need for profit. think about if it takes two hours to make a computer and 3 months to grow a crop what should cost more? The concept of intellectual property is faulty because knowledge is something you build upon so no ones owns its. People who believe in intellectual property are greedy bastards. They are not making a product for the well being if humanity but for personal and family security.
Humayun, in your mind it may take 2 hours to make a computer, but it takes much more. It takes trucks to ship raw materials, machinery to make the parts, employees, management, fuel for shipping(at every step of the process, oil to make the coating for the wires, mining operations to get the metals, on and on it goes. If you can get all that done in 2 hours, do share.

That computer ALSO makes the farming operation much, much more effecient. GPS planting, accounting programs, planting programs, weather plotting, etc. Tech ads a lot of food to people's tables at a cost savings.

It's this type of thinking that leads people to believe that others are somehow on the take and greedy.

Ok, I've thought about it, I'd ask you to do the same.
nothing against computers or how much work goes into it. I am saying a brainy person's day is no more valuable than the daily laborer's day.
you do what your best at and what makes you happy. obiously this is a dream but its comforting to think about
what I am saying is that its wrong that the person who just thinks of the idea in lets say an hour get the same pay as the millions of workers who spend their lives building the product.
you can lie to yourself to justify it but its selfish and its greedy and outright inhumane behavior.
Humayun, say that when you need someone with 8 years of basic schooling and many years of experience to save your life. It's not like you can just find one standing on the corner with a sign stating, "Will do Heart Surgery For Food.".

Everyone is an important person and we all have a role to play in life, but there are sacrifices and investments that some make that require a higher premium when you need them.
You don't just "get" pay. You get what people are willing to pay for the task.

Now in the health services field, it's changing. They are going to get what the government demands that you give them. Historically, government isn't a really fair arbitrator in the exchange of goods and services. We've already seen what happens at a state level of govt. control, now your going to see what federal power does. You're not going to like it.
George sit down and shut up. Stop with the dumb repetition. If u don't have anything Important to say keep ur mouth shut.
You get what people pay because u brain wash people Into thinking they can't live without it. Like I said lies
+Humayun Khan A brainy person’s skill is certainly more valuable than the day laborer’s. Labor only requires a healthy body. Skilled labor requires an education and expertise.

+Collin Bubke Since the US produces 25% of the world’s GDP. The US has been the world’s wealthiest nation since before WWII.
How did u think the daily laborer got their healthy bodies they invested time. Just like the intellectual spent his time developing a healthy mind. It's all the same. Days work for a days work. If ur brainy u get the comforts of being indoors
Anyways screw u guys I am going home see u later
I find this statistical analysis to be as lacking as the same ones used to judge US Education to be worse than other countries. Not to say that the conclusion is false, that I cannot say, but that there are many many factors which contribute to both issues which are not accounted for in the statistical analysis. For example, demographic makeup and poverty can heavily influence both outcomes. He does address this near the end of the article but I'm still not convinced these graphs provide the complete picture.
whats wrong is a doctor wants to charge me $1000 for a 20 min operation and the hospital wants to charge me another grand for the use of their hospital room! dont give me that crap about 8 yrs of school. there are plenty of other professions who put in just as much time at school who dont get compensated that much. its exploitation!!!!!
Actually it is the consequence of a litigious society which forces hospitals and physicians to make sure they make enough from their work to cover the cost of malpractice insurance (along with taxes and other costs of doing business) and compensating for the under-payment of the medicaid/medicare system which results in the exorbitant costs you experienced.
Still the best healthcare system in the world. And the best country. Haters gonna hate.
+Owl Jones not sure if you're serious... but spending way more than any other of the plotted countries, for less (Life Expectancy) return?

How is that "best"?
+Owl Jones clearly not true based on empirical data. By what standard are we the best? Because by all meaningful data, we aren't. Don't get me wrong, I love this country and I don't see myself living anywhere else, but we are far from perfect especially in the healthcare world.
Has the data been ajusted to remove the super rich from other nations that come here for one thing or another or were they included as well?
Well, obviously, it's all about the food.
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