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Google Plus's new People Search is sure a bummer so far.
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Given that, it is awfully tempting to re-write my profile and add "rocket scientist" (I was married to one once) and "stripper" (paint) and "saint" (bernard)
AJ Kohn
It is a strange algorithm right now for people search and there is a different algo for the Instant people results versus the regular People results.

In addition, it doesn't seem to be updated that often. I added "Purple Jellyfish Farmer" as one of my occupations two days ago and I still don't come up for that under People.
+AJ Kohn I was looking for Purple Jellyfish just yesterday. I had to go with an alternate source whose jellyfish were distinctly more magenta than purple.
Next time.
You may want to try It has a lot of fields for searching Google+ users.
I agree ... have tried several times ... and it doesn't find or searches wrongly ...
Funny, google rocks the world searching linkedin though :)
AJ Kohn
I don't traffic in the magenta variety +Lee Daniels. That's grey market stuff. But I'm your guy if you're looking for purple, lilac, amethyst or aubergine. ;)
Working fine for me. Found some really interesting people using it.
Why do you have the bluehost logo beside your name??
For topics or subjects you can always do a regular google search this way...

"topic I like"

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