"Data artist" - doesn't that sound like a great kind of title? The folks over at Bitly are looking to hire one: http://bitly.theresumator.com/apply/mM1Vht/Data-Artist.html

Who should you know about if you're into Data Artistry?  According to data analysis from PlexusEngine.com, the list includes: Ben Fry (http://benfry.com ) Mr.Doob (http://ricardocabello.com/blog ) Marcin Ignac (http://marcinignac.com ) and of course Aaron Koblin (http://www.aaronkoblin.com ) Jer Thorp (http://about.me/jerthorp ) and John Maeda (http://our.risd.edu ).  Their blogs are lots of fun to check out - enjoy.
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