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Dear Internet, what is this machine inside this parking garage? 
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Hard to say, but it looks like a diesel engine, maybe V8.  What's it connected to?
Marc P
You are all correct!
ill take a geuss and say a generator probabaly hospital use or other cooling system made by catipillar
Marc P
Bomb dude snuck that in! Lol!
I should know worked on similar ones before :)
It looks to be a power backup generator...rather large scale but depends on what it would be it would be providing power for.
yea you can see two filters on the side feul n oil turbo on top radiator up front there,i used to drive n work on big coal trucks here in w.v.
Whatever it is, it looks like the perfect contraption to gut and turn into a massive backyard barbecue grill.
Ya i was going to say its a diesel generator but others have already pointed that out. That one looks brand new.
At a glance, probably a diesel backup generator ... but I can't tell for sure.
Emergency power generator. Typically for the elevators, fire pumps and some essential lighting. At St. Paul's hospital in Vancouver where i work we have a total 4 megawatts of generating capacity. Two Mitsubishi 4 stroke V-16 generators and two Detroit Diesel 2 stroke v-12 generators.
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Looks like a generator.  Maybe a backup in case the power goes out.
Backup generator...ah, wait,'s for detecting wild hephalumps living in subterranean spaces...
I would say a plastic making machine
That is where I put my motor for moped couldn't find it
No Idea .. but I really would love to know wat d heck is dat ...
Yes.. That is a Diesel Generator. It isn't having the usual box that its usually in to cut out the noise
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