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Does anyone know of a service that will track Twitter search and tell me if a certain keyword is being used say, more than 5 times in 5 minutes for example?  Greater than average velocity alerts.  I've got a customer asking me for that and it's not something we do - but it is a pretty awesome idea. Do you know of a service that does that?
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Good idea for crisis management, like monitor or pingdom for Twitter. e.g. search for "website-name down" or "city earthquake". I'd be surprised if traders weren't using tools like this already.
I think can handle this but not 100% positive. I know that the track velocity of Keywords, not sure about triggering alerts on thresholds. Nice feature to add if they don't have...
theres an e-meter that can be re-calibrated in order to do what you require  , the one that uses a wireless box and twitter to tell you , your power usage in your own home
all you do is change the root info instead of power usage , it uses specific keyword and searches for how many times its used
Maybe the Twitcident guys do that? Not sure. Pretty sure you can have a DataSift script pull that off using their definition API...
look up the article in wired magazine
helga invented it , its quite useful and very simple and non costly to make it consists of a pcb and a altoids can , if you use a spare computer you can do the same for the internet much how google has the entire internet catched
Are you wanting to have the search for specific keywords or something similar to the "trending" functionality to discover keywords?
Zenti can do this - We start with keywords but go beyond.  And we notify you when your target rises above its statistical "noise" level, often within 30 seconds.  Contact me at marc at zenti dot com
Marshall, I just posted info from squiddo (I think that's what it's called). Towards the bottom of the website page might some helpful aps/tools that might help. If not, let me know if you find something. Thanks!
Twitter is full of bot-posting accounts.. IMHO projects analyzing twitter feeds for stock trends, are  just doing the pump-n-dumpers work for them, amplifying spam effects, and the increasing the pile-on for the unknown stock manias, while original pump-n-dump operator sells to the public. 
You might be interested in knowing about this person/firm. They are very smart about tracking and using the tracking. This is his most recent post which is relevant to your request.

Social Data as Seen with a Human Eye | SocialFlow Blog
Posted on June 6, 2012 by Frank Speiser, Cofounder & CEO


It seems odd that they do not facilitate adding a url to a comment though they do have that set up for status messages.
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