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Where Romance Gets Kinky
Where Romance Gets Kinky

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Don't miss the excerpt on my blog here.

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#Menage, MFM Post-apocalyptic Romance

Book 14 of my Men of the Border Lands series is on pre-order and will be released September 19th!

Abby wants a safe place to make a home. She is cautious of being duped into joining a community again, but there is safety in numbers. Now she is on a quest to find the one she has heard about in the Border Lands.

Harry and his sister are also looking for a safe place. When Thad joins them, Harry believes his chances with Abby disappear. Thad knows how dangerous it is now and has no problem sharing Abby with Harry to assure her safety, if the man would just agree. He knows Harry is worried about his sister, but Thad doesn’t want to wait until Harry makes up his mind.

Will Harry and Thad be the men to provide a home for her? First they have to agree to share her. Then they need to work together to keep her safe. Neither man wants to wait until they reach the promised land to make her theirs.

Buy it here

Missing a Border Lands Diary fix? Well it's live now on my website in the form
Find out what Jane's been up to since the great Turkey escape!

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So many books and so little time. Between writing and reading, I just can't seem to do much more. Need to wrap presents but I have to get them first! LOL  Be sure to check out my books.

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The first three books of my Men of the Border Lands series is on sale for only 99cents at Amazon! Over 110,000 words of ménage love with action and adventure. Don't miss the bargain before its gone!

Cold here in the South this morning. Nothing like it will get later in the year, but a nice crisp morning. Looking forward to more like this. How is it in your neck of the woods?

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Volume One of The Men of the Border Lands series is on sale for only $.99 cents at Amazon.
This is over 110,000 words of a 13 book and counting series set in a post apocalyptic world where it takes two men to keep a woman safe. Don't miss this amazing buy at only 99 cents!

Now available for only 99cents!  The three book collection of The Border Lands. Over 110,000 words of erotic romance. 
Thank you all for making Men of the Borderlands collection #1 in Erotic Romance under Science Fiction!! 
Best Sellers in Science Fiction Erotica

1. The Men of the Border Lands Collectio...
by Marla Monroe
Kindle Edition


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Here we go everyone! It's Live! The Halloween Border Land Diary entry is up on my website.

Make sure you go and read it and comment. I'm going to ask some questions on my Facebook page   and on my Marla page   to give a way a few things.  Be sure to check back tomorrow, Halloween, off and on to answer questions!
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