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Mark Mathis IV (ddrt)
Hello I’m Mark Mathis, a Graphic Designer from Iowa, who specializes in Branding and Web Design. MCMIV.COM
Hello I’m Mark Mathis, a Graphic Designer from Iowa, who specializes in Branding and Web Design. MCMIV.COM

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After releasing the concept on Behance, a design group led by Slava Kornilov has executed a redesign of the New York Times. This site looks wonderful and is exactly what I had imagined when looking at their proof of concept. I encourage everyone to take a look, it's inspiring.

I'm attempting to change the category of the posts my members have made in my community. It is continually coming up with the error "Something's not right, try again" and not changing where their posts are categorized. This seems like it is a new error since I've never had a problem with it before. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Just a reminder about the rules of the community (please take special note to not offer paid services or items for sale, these posts will be removed).

Edit: Also, if you could, try to add tags appropriately (ie. don't put logo design in discussion when there is a Logo & Identity Design filter). Thank you.

Do not post spec work, spec contests, links to logo creation sites, once-off design jobs etc.

Do not post links to your items for sale

Do not request free design consultancy.
e.g. I'm a non-designer that needs help, what direction should I take my project in? This also includes help vectorizing a raster logo, help with your non-profits poster etc.

Do not post memes, including established memes, trending memes, advice animals, rage comics etc.

**Mobile Design is only for linked items to articles or presentations for mobile apps. No direct links to apps will be allowed and all paid apps linked will be removed.

Posts that break these rules may be removed without warning. 

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I didn't believe it at first but Netflix came out with a new logo design. I've always loved Netflix's branding and the lower arc of their wordmark. This new design seems odd to me. It's rectangular and tall. I'm not sure I can yet understand their direction. They have said that they are just doing this for mobile (for now…). What does everyone else think about it?

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A small (albiet good) collection of motion graphics. 

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This is one of the coolest web apps I've seen in a long time. 

I've modified the rules of this community and everyone should take a look. I've taken a lot of influence of modeling this community after the one over at /r/graphic_design on reddit. As in the past any suggestions or feelings you have over the rules can be discussed here.   

Everyone's been really good tagging their posts recently and that's saved me a ton of time. Thank you so much for tagging your posts appropriately.   
Additionally, if your post doesn't show up right away it might have gotten caught in the spam filter. Give me time to sort it out and it will show up in the feed. 

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If you haven't heard Aaron Draplin's speech "Tall Tales From a Large Man" then I highly recommend taking some time out of your night to watch it. 

As a reminder to the community, since there's been an influx of posts recently. Any and all links to shops, items for sale or products of any kind will be removed.   
You are still allowed to post free tools, resources or offers in the "freebies" section as long as it's tagged for 'freebies'. 

I just want to say thank you to everyone who contributes and discusses. I can't wait for this community to grow. We will be needing more moderators soon so be ready to apply. 
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