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for those of you on att (and rooted) to get the "new" video hangouts on 3/ it is.

1.Get SQLight editor from the market
2. Get Root Explorer from the market.
3. use Root Explorer to browse to /data/data/ and click on it
4. then click on "main"
5. Scroll down to gtalk_vc_wifi_only - highlight and hold
6. Press "Edit Record" and change the "value" to false instead of true
7. Reboot
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Wow that was easy!? I'm not in that boat, but that's almost a big red button which says click me if you'd like
+Ron H what do you mean? did you use another file manager?
Or if you don't feel like installing more apps, fire up adb shell (or terminal emulator) and do the following:

sqlite3 /data/data/
update main set value='false' where name='gtalk_vc_wifi_only';

+Dmitriy Briskin My phone didn't have sqlite but a free sqlite installer is available on google play.  Saved me $3.
this doesn't work. att is using some new blocking method.
It seems the value resets itself now..I tried a few times, set it, rebooted and it stuck, but when I try to video chat it doesn't work, and I look at the value again and its true
I have a workaround for this. Uninstall hangouts. Uninstall Google play services update. Clear play store data. Install market enabler (search for ask on Google). Launch enabler and change to tmo us. Launch play store, install hangouts, run hangouts, update Google play services. Now you should be able to run video chat over cell data. This was persistent through reboot with the market enabler being set on reboot. 
I'm holding gtalk_vc_wifi_only
It highlights, but nothing happens? I held it for a good ten seconds...
+Anthony Magalhães yes I'm sure but always with the free ones you need to jump through extra hoops. I have used root explorer since 2009 when I first purchased it. no regrets, always works
I got it to work with ES File Explorer, but like you said I had to jump through some extra hoops. Thanks for your help!
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