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marina etuci
Skull is dangerous~
Skull is dangerous~
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I want to see  *Panda And Polar Bear* on Comic Chameleon, the ultimate webcomics iPhone app! 加油~

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+Panda And Polar Bear +Louise Wei +damia sofian +ahmad zuwari 
As promised, here they are.. kinda late becuz of pc problem but its ok  now :)

I make a story with the photos.:- Beary Christmas at Starbucks!

Panda, polar bear, Jojo the turtle, The twin beetles, bunny, Miss Etude, Meowbbit :)

Paperbears 3D of visit the site for the awesome _-freebies, goodies and comic adventure :)
Photos taken by aka miss bunny
3D Quilling miniature and magnet by visit her website for more awesome quilling craftwork! or simply add her fb page :)
Storyline by aka miss bunny

No animals were harmed during the photo shoot xD 

#panda #polarbear   #bunnywabbit   #meowbbit   #paper   #quilling  
Beary Christmas @starbucks
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finally, i choose sennheiser after battling with my desire and budget, although its not what i really want but oklah for the time being~

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Im helping my sis to promote her gem things.. interested? pm me here :) visit her site 
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yeah google plus notification got bouncing :) 
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