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Maria K Todd
Healthcare Industry Consultant, Speaker, & Author
Healthcare Industry Consultant, Speaker, & Author


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Tourism can provide an incredible economic boost through jobs creation, tax collection on profits, taxes on purchases made by people with jobs created by the medical tourism industry. But some destinations argue that tourism can harm the environment and negatively impact local populations. When that happens, or is at risk to happen, is it ethical to build medical tourism at that place?

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Are you wasting your time trying to enter the medical tourism sector? This article will give you reason to consider a few harsh realities that few authors dare to raise.

When you plan your launch into the sector, use a spreadsheet application to organize your thoughts as you identify 50 business risks and develop 50 mitigations.

Then create a second worksheet that facilitates interpretation of competitor data as you analyze the operation, preparation, destination access and attractiveness, brand value, integrity and awareness, and evaluation of the methods, practices and products of your competitors.

While it may seem harsh, if you cannot distinguish your brand, practices and product, perhaps you will be wasting your time.

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Health tourism marketers must be able to immediately measure the impact of what they’re doing and shift on the fly to maximize the marketing impact for their limited bootstrap startup capital. That requires data analytics. Do this with primary source data you own and learn how to use it to your advantage to spend less and get better returns on your investments of time and money.

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Leverage your fan and customer based to promote your brand. I do it and my LinkedIn fan and connection base grows steadily more now than it ever did because of the way I use social listening to remain relevant and write on topics my "tribe" wants to read.

You can too! Read this brief article to learn more.

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In the USA, insurers spend a lot of claims dollars on 10 chronic diseases that are expensive, long-term conditions. These insurers, whether they are self-funded employers and unions (accounting for 70% of the pre-retiree market), HMO health benefit plans and indemnity insurers, (about 20% of the pre-retiree market), HMOs contracted with states for the Medicaid recipients (about 10% of the pre-retiree market and a lot of children and disabled), or the 65+ market enrolled in public and private contracted substitute HMO (Medicare Advantage) plans, are all interested in working with established and new entrant brands keen on cost containment in these 10 areas listed below.

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I frequently receive calls from tourism and economic development ministries and authorities worldwide who desire to engage me and my team of experts to provide step-by-step transformation strategies and execution plans to shorten their path to economic development and revenues.

In this article, I've shared a few ideas to help you transform an already popular medical tourism destination into a thriving medical, wellness or dental tourism destination. You may be surprised to learn that it doesn't include spending a ton of money on conferences, exhibit stands and sponsorships at medical tourism trade shows. There's a lot to be done internally, instead.

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A recent survey published by the National Business Group on Health, indicates that to reduce demand, self-funded employers who offer health benefits to employees are shifting more costs to employees and seeking more opportunities to contract with health systems and other healthcare ancillary services providers through both value-based contracts and optimizing site of care delivery for specific services. But there's more to this whole construct than the juicy findings of the NBGH report...

Read this brief article on how medical tourism can be used for enhanced cost containment in the ERISA and Taft Hartley spaces.

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Many medical tourism consumers must travel abroad to obtain a diagnosis and consultation from a specialist outside the USA or because they want to ameliorate pain and suffering as soon as possible.

To do so, they frequently turn to "passport expediters", a growing little niche market of concierge companies offer to get an original or renewal or replacement or additional passport to the traveler(s) within 24 hours from the time they receive photos and applications.

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Too often, healthcare providers wait or actually neglect their managed care contracts portfolio and then suddenly realize its been 5-7 years since they had a bump or increase in rates.

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I receive questions frequently from both established clients and connections and followers here on LinkedIn about how to take advantage of "free" social media marketing.

When they hear the answer and receive this outline as part of my response, they back away from the idea. Most aren't sure what it takes to be successful with social media marketing.

But what they are sure about is that they don't have the time that is required to use this supposedly "free" method to market their business and engage with the market of both prospective and established patients, clients or prospects (the "market" for what they offer.)

Learn more about what's involved in this brief article and model job description.
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