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maria nasir

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Hyderabadi Tamatar ka Kut, Tomato Curry :
A rainy season favourite, you can call this one a South Asian version of tomato soup .

This steaming, spicy, tangy curry is the simplest thing to make with only tomatoes and a few spices as stars of the show.

Serve with paratha, naan or rice, this curry is an epitome of comfort !

Don't like/want eggs? Serve with toasted paneer cheese pieces or as is .

Recipe at


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+Taste Defined , oh thank you! 😊 It has three of my most favorite ingredients, tomatoes, eggs and red chillies, cooked together in the simplest way possible 😊
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maria nasir

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Ser Sukh, Rice Flour Spicy Pancakes :
Gluten free and dairy free, these savoury and spicy pancakes are ready to eat in 15 minutes.

A no-hassle, nutritious and filling breakfast for any day of the week. You can create several different sweet and savoury versions with the basic batter .

This near-extinct-recipe is from the tribal cuisine of Pakistan and is remarkably similar to western style pancakes, Italian thin crust pizza and Indian Uttapam.
One more recipe connect us through food!

Get the recipe and read more about it at


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+caitlin yen ,other than wheat there are so many different flours used, like gram, sorghum, millet, even a mixture of rice and lentils. And there are a variety of methods involved; leavened, unleavened, with batter and with dough, steamed, baked in the oven or cooked over skillet. The more I read about them, the more fascinated I get with the flat breads in the region 😊
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maria nasir

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"She never had much in life, but with the simplest things, she made her corner of the world as beautiful as any king's palace" .
Dean Koontz

Location: Rajanpur, Pakistan.


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Maria nasir
Thank you 
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maria nasir

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I'm grateful to +Guru Duttfor bringing another one of my recipes to life ! Because writing and posting recipes alone can't save them from extinction unless someone trusts them and is brave enough to recreate them .
Thank you so much, Guru, for your trust and this beautiful post 😊 Guru is a photographer par excellence, a brave foodie and an amazing friend. Do follow him on G plus if you want to include a wonderful person in your circle.

If you are still waiting to try this recipe, here is the link for you once again

" Hyderabadi Khatti Daal, Spicy Tangy Lentils "

This is come from recipe guide of Famous Recipe Scientist +maria nasir​​ and i am lucky that i am brother of her living in her neighbour... if there is no International borders... then it's like every few months i am on her place enjoying the world best foods made by her... here i used toor daal (yellow lentils) and here i used her optional things... whole Red chillies not the red chilli flakes and chopped fresh coriander leaves...

WoW it was so Tasty... so Spicy... so Tangy...

Here the recipe guide of +maria nasir​ if you want to try awesome Hyderabadi Khatti Daal, Spicy Tangy Lentils

#MyDidiRocks #FanOfFoodaholic #FanOfMariaNasir #gurudutt #PavBhaji #meals #india #indian #indianfood #incredibleindia #tasty #chilli #green #Hyderabadi #Khatti #Daal #HyderabadiKhattiDaal #Spicy #Tangy #Lentils #SpicyTangyLentils
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اكلات جد رائعة
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maria nasir

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Borani Banjan, Eggplant in Yogurt:
This delicious and easy to make side is a classic Afghani recipe of layered eggplants, tomato masala and yogurt. A combination of creamy, cool and spicy.

Few simple ingredients create this rustic and luscious recipe. Serve with cumin fried rice or a simple lentils main and flatbread.

Recipe at


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+maria nasir thank you my darling: you're a sweetheart 😊!
Love you always too. 😘
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maria nasir

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And here comes a yummy LIVE TESTIMONIAL to give your weekend a spicy start !
My Mirchi Pakora potato stuffed green chilli peppers tried, tested and enjoyed by my dear friend and neighbour from across the border +Guru Dutt
Thank you Guru, I'm honoured! 😊

If you missed the recipe here is the link just for you once again
" Stuffed Green Chilli Fritters (AkA Mirchi Pakora ) "
When its Raining thats the perfect time to make Pakoras... In India and neighbouring countries of India... Its kind of cool localised tradition.. Raining and eating Pakoras... as yesterday it was raining and today to its raining even now... so yesterday i made awesome Stuffed Green Chilli Fritters.... from recipe Guide of My Dearest neighbour.. +maria nasir didi... I made same type of Fritters... a week ago.. that 1st time... and there i learned at practical level how much time and at what heat i have to fry it... so that was fail and win... so this time yesterday... i tried didi +maria nasir recipie... and with confidence i just filled two chilli and and fry it in oil and both come out perfect.... Hurrah...

Awesome Chilli and tasty... Yum Yum.. Yummy

Here the recipe guide of +maria nasir  if you want to try awesome snacks dish Stuffed Green Chilli Fritters

#MyDidiRocks #FanOfFoodaholic #FanOfMariaNasir #gurudutt #PavBhaji #meals #india #indian #indianfood #incredibleindia #tasty #streetfood #indianstreetfood #pakoda   #chilli   #green   #rain   #raining   #monsoon  
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Now I have to write a very long ...awwwwwww!!!! 😊😊😊😊
+Guru Dutt​
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maria nasir

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Goan Seafood Curry :
This quick n easy curry has layers of flavour; its tangy and spicy with a hint of sweetness from coconut milk.

The fresh flavours in the curry adapt beautifully to almost all seafood, not just fish – prawns, mussels, or squid taste equally great in this curry .
Who says you can't eat royally on a weeknight? This curry is pure indulgence!

Recipe at

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Thank you, +ASIF HABIB​ 😊 This one is such indulgence and unbelievably easy to cook too 😊
I ate it some two years back at Andaz, near Lahore fort. They had a visiting chef from India for a month I think. That's where I ate
Idlis for the first time too and some other exotic stuff.
But do try making it at home, you will love it 😊
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maria nasir

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Things are never dull around +Larry Fournillier​ ! Do take 5 minutes to watch this short video to know what exciting new cultural and culinary adventures he is planning for all of us... coming very soon!
I'm honoured and delighted to be a small part of this fun project.
Things Are Happening... On the 10th Parallel North

A brief announcement of an exciting project on which I've embarked upon and will be launching soon. It involves three things that I'm passionate about food, people, and culture.

I will be taking an interesting perspective on how two ethnic groups changed the cuisine and culture of two countries which share the same climate, fruits, and vegetable but are over 10,000 miles apart.

Please follow my Collection 10th Parallel North ( so you can stay up to date with all of the exciting developments!

#10thparallelnorth   #foodpeopleculture   #10thPN   #TrinidadandTobago   #Thailand  
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Mariaji ... How are u? @ll is well? Bahut din ho gaye to socha chalo baat karle aapse.
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maria nasir

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Murgh Saagwala, Chicken with Greens Curry :
Pairing the greens with chicken seems like a natural choice for Autumn/winter comfort food . The chicken in this recipe is just there for background flavour - not to steal the show. The stars of the recipe are green leafy vegetables .

It's incredibly satisfying to tuck into a bowl of this mildly spiced, creamy curry, packed full of the nutrients from assorted greens .

Simplicity is the key to this dish . It can be made ahead and pairs nicely with steamed rice or flatbreads.

Recipe at

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maria nasir

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Lobia Shimla Mirch, Red Beans Bell Pepper Curry :
Heartwarming and definitely a bowl full of good stuff ! This very easy to make curry has few everyday ingredients .

Beautiful contrast of colours, flavours and textures will raise your ho-hum weekday meal to something exciting without much effort .

Serve with steamed rice or simply dig in with a spoon if you are a fitness enthusiast.

Recipe at

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I love the combination of red and black eyed beans. And when submerged in spicy curry base, everything is just right :-) Thank you for sharing.
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maria nasir

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Shoshanna of +Taste Defined​ is incomparable when it comes to creating simple and delicious seafood recipes with very few, everyday ingredients!
Enjoy another one of her beautiful creations.
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+Balvinder Ubi Thank you. It's a 'tumbling tom red' variety of cherry tomatoes which is bigger than the regular ones :-)
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maria nasir

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Mini Black Forest Trifle desserts:
The unadulterated joy of eating chocolate, cherries and rich cream - three ingredients that can never go out of fashion !

I love mini desserts for how elegant and pretty they look, how easy they are to assemble and of course the way they keep the portion size in check .

Try my take on this classic cake with these mini trifles for a delicious, quick n easy weekend treat .

Recipe at

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Maria cara, so sorry I'm answering so late. I do understand that the time is never enough, especially when you have family and a big house to take care of! I'm looking fwd to watching your tutorials again. Kisses back at ya my dear friend 😘💗.
+maria nasir 
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