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New Android Dialogs with me! It was a lot of fun! Thank you for the invite!!! #experts #android #video #techtalk
Bonus #AndroidDialogs : @114676589005116442609 chats with @102581039328114075159 on animations, @107583793828237111197 and... poutine! 🍁

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And that was Google I/O and my trip to San Francisco. It was also!! #io15

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The Droidcon Montréal keynote by +Jake Wharton  and +Jesse Wilson  is now available on  youtube! Go check it out!

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The first Canadian DroidCon is coming to Montreal on April 9th and 10th. The two-day event includes some of the top #Android  engineers in North America. For more details, visit:

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I didn't make it for Google I/O. But I'm definitely participating of Droidcon Montreal. It will be awesome.
Just got your rejection letter for Google I/O? No worries, that means that now you are free to go to droidcon Montréal!

World-Class speakers, amazing talks, quality participants and most of all: by android developers for android developers!

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The answer for the last question really says everything I believe! Great Job!!

Some users are surprised at how differently designed Evernote for Android is from Evernote for iOS. Why are they so different?

TP: If we were steadfast about making them consistent, the only way we’d be able to achieve that consistency is through mediocrity. To make the experience identical is to forego the unique qualities of each platform.

AGF: The fact that Evernote embraces this philosophy is what allows our apps to feel like they were purpose built for the platform, on every platform, which we think improves usability. This is part of what makes being a designer at Evernote feel like we are constantly innovating platform-specific design. This update was no different, resulting in what we feel is a very modern Android app.

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Last september I gave a talk at +Droidcon NYC  and this week I did the same talk at +GDG Montréal Android. The video of the talk and the slides are already available. Check them out!! 

#AndroidDev   #AndroidUI  #experts #android #techtalk

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I'll be giving a talk at the GDG Montréal Android meet up tomorrow. Pass by to say hi!! #experts #android #techtalk
The Meetup this month will be held at Notman House, one of the most popular locations in Montreal for tech community events :)

We'll have a talk on mobile security by Mohamad Elserngrawy and a talk on drawables and UI by Marcos Paulo Damasceno.

CaptureMe: Attacking the User Credential in Mobile Banking Applications
Mohamad Elserngrawy

The topic abstract: I will present a new screenshot attack CaptureMe to expose the user credential (Card ID and password) from mobile banking applications on Android platform.

Words about me: I'm a Researcher and Software Engineer has 8 years of experiences in software design and development. In the last 3 years I focused my research on mobile platform security especially with Android platform.

The Magic World of Drawables
Marcos Paulo Damasceno

Talk description: A very useful and powerful feature of android that developers sometimes ignore or use it wrong. The small details of your app is what make it amazing, in this presentation we will talk about how Shapes, Layer-Lists and more can make your UI jump to another level and amaze your users. All that without being a rockstar designer!

Bio: Marcos is an Android Craftsman at Mirego, one of Canada's fastest-growing companies.

He loves simple and beautiful UX and UI and has his attention always focused to small details and what makes mobile apps great. A passionate about Start Ups, Marcos already attended to many start up weekends and hackathons in Sao Paulo, San Francisco and Montreal and currently serves as a mentor for some successful brazilian apps.

He has been playing around with mobile since 2010, worked in many significant android apps for the brazilian market in the backend and mobile stack. Marcos already had the opportunity to speak at big conferences in Brazil like The Developer's Conference and DevFest Sao Paulo.

Marcos moved to Montreal in 2013, where he led the development of a big consumer's product android tablet app currently used by Sony US and now do great stuff with an amazing team at Mirego.

You can follow Marcos at:

Google Plus +marcospaulosd
Twitter @marcospaulosd

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Foi simplesmente demais. Já sinto falta #brazil #family #vacation

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Trying out the One Plus One for 2 weeks. Let's see if I can't get used to its size and if this phone is really good.
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