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Echel Handicraft Centre

#MakeinManipur, #ManipurIndustrialExpo #Manipurtimes

Echel Handicraft Centre is a registered firm founded in 2014 by Arambam Jhaljit Singh.
Total number of employees working is about 10.
Address: Heibongpokpi Mayai Leikai
Business connections
Business contact person: Arambam Jhaljit Singh
Phone number: 8132884639
Email id: NA
Website: NA
Facebook ...
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The National Bamboo Mission – Part I

From The Archive

With a view to harness the potential of bamboo crop in the country, the Department of Agriculture & Cooperation (DAC), Ministry of Agriculture have been implementing a Centrally Sponsored Scheme called National Bamboo Mission (NBM) in 27 States in the country with a total outlay of Rs. 568.23 crore. The Mission envisages promoting holistic growth of bamboo sector by adopting area-based, regionally differentiated strategy and to increase the area under bamboo cultivation and marketing.

Since inception, 1, 65,037 ha land has been covered with bamboo plantation. An area of 45,347 ha of existing bamboo plantation has been improved for higher productivity. In addition, 1165 nurseries have been established to supply quality planting material. In different States, 30,675 farmers and 4996 field functionaries have been trained in the area of nursery management and bamboo plantation.

Besides, the Mission has provided financial assistance to different institutions/universities for twenty-three Research & Development (R&D) projects aimed at higher productivity of bamboo. The projects cover development of technologies for rapid production of quality planting stock, improvement in cultivation techniques, development of agro-forestry models for different agro-climatic regions, pest and disease management and post-harvest management.

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Trekking along Dzuko Valley – Part III

Which way are we exploring North, South, East, West, well let’s hunt Lily uttered one of us and we started out. Two small green hill mount rather 15 minute walk at the right side of the Central Cave facing east opens up to a vast area of Lily covered plain area. We were amazed at the sight, it was a breath taking beauty. An awe struck look and as we keep walking there were lilies all over. The ground gave a dotted look as the dark pinkish flower stand erect with its green stalk. There were as tall as 5 feet Lily among them and usually the Lilies are 2 to 3 feet in height. The flowers are found only in this area and is quite acclimatised to the place that it does not grow anywhere else which makes the flower very unique.

The beauty of Dzuko valley is much added by this neat and beautiful looking flower. Well the lily is scattered everywhere throughout the valley but the place where we went is exclusively a bountiful flowering of the same. When one stand in the middle and look around the way how the lily stand tall to the nature on broad daylight is much refreshing sight, one never gets tired watching the lily.

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Caring Brand Value Growth – Value of Advertising Money

#ManipurTimes Advantage – Largest subscribers among Manipur based FB pages website has ~1000 daily unique visitors (counted with Google Analytics which avoids hit counts from search bots and other spambots, while Manipurtimes Facebook page has 1.56 lac members and recently started Facebook group has 11 thousands members as on today

Launched in January 23, 2013 with a motive to inspire the youths of Manipur through the aspiring yet challenging human stories of the people of Manipur, in 3 years of its existence Manipurtimes have progressively build trust with its fans, which is shown by the Manipur Times Facebook page subscribers of 1.5 lac until January 23, 2016. As on today, Manipurtimes has the largest subscribers among all the Facebook pages managed by several media houses of Manipur.

Since inception, Manipurtimes keeps on adding its subscribers with the addition of daily ~135 likes on average. We strongly believe that at the end of 2016, MT fan base will cross 2 lacs.

Social networking sites work on the principle of organic and viral information sharing. Hence, with 1.5 lacs of MT fans, in a month it can reach out to over 1 million Facebook users that came from friends of friend networks. At times, MT FB page reach are as high as 3 million.

Advertising X Branding > Brand Value Growth > Business Growth for Years to Come

Every business enterprises value for money they would invest for the online advertising. They would care for the brand values of their business enterprises and its products and services. Building the trust with the customers and clients vis-à-vis brand value growth of your business enterprises and products are the key elements to your business growth for years to come. Effective advertising and branding are the keys to brand value growth of your business enterprise that eventually will lead the continuous business growth for years to come.

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Looking forward creating Brand Value of Manipur Products and Services.

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Laishram Meena – the memories of childhood, arts, culture and traditions in her painting

By Sairem Romen Kumar

Whenever, someone looks at any painting done by Laishram Meena, he/she would say “Hey! All the paintings look almost same. Are these paintings base on some photos? These painting are beautiful, awesome etc. The paintings look different, not like Indian facial expressions. Are these people Chinese? ”. That’s the uniqueness of her works. Laishram Meena is one of the successful artist/painter from Manipur who is staying in Delhi and working as freelance artist for herself. Her works are focused on children, girls, pets and women.

Using brushes and canvas, Manipuri artist- Laishram Meena is trying to capture and preserve the colourful memories of her childhood. The 2nd solo exhibition of paintings by her; titled “Memories” was successfully held at India Habitat Centre from 7th Nov to 10th Nov 2015 at Convention Centre Foyer, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi. It was just 4 days but she got many more fans from across the world who visited this solo show.

Her first solo exhibition of paintings was organised by India International Centre from 6th to 13th May 2015 at Gallery Annexe, Max Mueller Marg, Lodhi Estate. It was a very exciting exhibition. Titled ‘Daughters Unpluck’, the exhibition reflected not only the childhood memories of Meena but also the rich culture and traditions of Manipur. 29 paintings created by her were on display here.

A passion turned into a career

For Meena, art is in her blood, “I love painting and drawing since my childhood but I started taking it very seriously from the year 1999 when I was in High school. Now, brushes, canvas and colours are inseparable parts of my life. In fact they mean life to me” adds Meena.

Drawing and painting Manipuri women and girls also fascinates me the most and love working on it,” she added. Meena aspires to become a great artist and wants to promote Manipuri culture, traditions, fashion, crafts, etc. to the world through her paintings. She has a message for aspiring painters. “Love the colours, brushes and canvas. And keep working hard,” says Meena.

Meena Laishram regularly updates her works at

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