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eternally curious digital junkie.
eternally curious digital junkie.

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Big thank you to Julio at +A-Affordable Insurance Agency, Inc. for helping insure my very first brand new car! He was very helpful and made a more difficult process than expected (with the dealership), very easy. Thanks again, Julio!

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A more light-hearted post for the group but worth discussing when it comes to young girls, physical ideals and objectification with Disney princesses. #Disney #Feminism 

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BAHAHA. Too good.

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Happy #DrunkByCoffee Day!
Monday, September 29, is National Coffee Day.
Plunge into the world of speciality coffees.

Can’t function without your morning coffee and dreadful Mondays? Well - don't forget: this coming Monday might be an exception.
Monday, September 29, is National Coffee Day.
Not only is it a day to celebrate this delicious creation, but also there are several shops participating and having either special offers.

Check your favorite coffee house and start positive charged into the new week.

On the occasion of this event I present the 21 best coffee shops in America.
PS: I miss Peet's Coffee & Tea in the report. It's one of my favorites! Which one do you like most?

Full report: Thrillist
By: Dan Gentile

#coffeeculture #coffeelovers #qualityoflife

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New moon blessings! #Libra  

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Lately, we've been hit by trolls posting negative comments and cursing. This community does not tolerate offensive commenting or behavior. It does, however, encourage all points of view. If you have an alternative outlook, we simply ask that you present your statement in a clear, focused way without offensive language or cursing. Let's think of it as sitting at your grandmother's table...

Carry on!

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This makes me incredibly happy. Wish more universities would do the same! It's about time people start equating feminism with humanism.

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mandy lipka commented on a post on Blogger.
Belated thank you for sharing, Emily. It's amazing, too, that doctors even bring religion into their practices and refuse to provide abortions to women in need even if the lives of these women are at stake.
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