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Do you suffer from oversleeping? Here's a method for you. [Geeky Fun]
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I'm suprised iPhones don't do that already.
I think an Alarm with a passcode is a better idea! :-)
Although, if your bank set up something like this, it might be an interesting way to encourage personal savings?
How would this work? Dismissing the alarm doesn't wake you up, it just turns the alarm off. At least with snooze if you fall back asleep you have a second (or third, or fourth) chance.
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龙英台, if I could understand you...English?
one hour and half went out for walking
great one one snooze will cost you a dollar,
Seems like it would be a good idea, but I'm already too good at shutting the alarm off in my sleep. I never snooze, I'm just always late.
This should be an app for real. Then at the end of the month, it gives you the money back in a saving lol i bet you i would get about 2 over draft fees and i would never snooze again!! lol
But the Dismiss” is free of charge...
What if instead of "dismiss" it was a "Turn on the microphone" and when you pressed it, it would listen to for the sound of running water (like a shower) or a car engine (when your leaving for work) if it doenst hear it in lets say 2 minutes... it charges you ?? And +Dex JustDex, it wouldnt be forced on you.... you would be willing to sign up for this alarm, so if you couldnt afford it, then you could download another app right??
If it's a real app and people do trust you that you will return the money to them,Then it will be an interesting app.But i don't think apple will allow this if you use iTunes store.
Besides.That alternative choice can be a option in preference.
And,Maybe you can let user select.Delay for one minutes will charge you 0.99;Two for 1.99.etc
But you should give a feasible method to judge whether you really get out of bed。That is important。
And you do not have to care what 龙英台 said.It's just a poem written by Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty.It does nothing with this theme= =.And 李苍浩 suggest you use the sound of bomb instead。
Free app or paid ?
How to download ?
Min Wu
That would be a priceless oversleeping,lol
good idea, to prevent oversleeping...^^ funny
Great idea, I have such a hard time getting out of bed to get ready for work.
we all would be broke by the end of the week :P
what tools to draw this case ?
Snooze with a boom is better.Wake up or die in an explosion.It's your choice.haha!
It's the best solution ever I seen.
nooooooooo not the snooze man your killing me X_X lol
.....that's awesome!!!! I WANT IT!!!!!! ...I only still miss a smartphone to download such an app...eheheheh
now the sayin' sleep will cost u...comes true-eventually. That's genius!
If dismissing the notification is free, then why not just click that? I think they're supposed to be reversed.
Still, even though I agree they need to be reversed, I get it - humorous
This is counterproductive. People will just dismiss the alarm and go back to sleep. Snooze is actually better because it will continue to wake them up.
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