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We must be doing something wrong...
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Ralph H.
Angry Birds Space
Angry Birds Star Wars

Costs my friends.. money is root of all evil.
Nasa also used rocket fuel n rockets. They didnt ride a computer to the moon did they
Was just discussing this in class a few minutes ago... Strange coincidence.
Twasn't flops as what got Neil on Luna.
It was a 111 m tall three stage rocket weighing 2.8 million kilograms propelled on jets of flame fueled by 2.5 million kilograms of  fuel.
Carry that in your pocket.
NASA is control by the idiocy of politicians. Their lack of ability to return to the money is not a lack on their part, it's a lack of funding the right projects that come from the government.
Marty, there would have to have been a fake moon landing to do "another one". I refer you to Myth-busters, but main bit of evidence to become your conspiracy bs, we can bounce lasers off of the moon Only where Astronauts placed mirrors.
I use angry birds to teach my students about projectile motion.
Josh G
mine probably doesn't, I have an old Nokia :(
+Josh G You'd be surprised. My graphing calculator that is about 10 years old has more processing power than the lunar lander.
What do yall think about the world ending? ?????????.
I've been saying that for years... "We carry around more computing power in our pocket than NASA used to put a man on the moon, and yet all most people do with it is [insert pathetically simple task]"
Lol photo shop another moon landing hell make it a mars landing
It’s the “user Friendly” paradox: there is a symmetric relation between increase in machine computing capability and the decrease in human computing capability? Hope not.
If NASA had more powerful computer that could run Photoshop, maybe we would believe they put a man on the moon ;)
There is a direct correlation between the download rate of angry birds and the speed at witch we are approaching Idiocracy.
Your phone (probably) also has more processing power than the Mars Curiosity Rover. (200MHz, 256MB DRAM, 2 GB Flash Memory)
Is there gonna be a world in the moon?
and people have sailed the Atlantic with little more than a compass and some charts. So, because I have access to those things, I should be able to do the same? Asinine.
Does anybody know how to settle syria
It is a man on the moon he got teeth of ribs in his mouth he only got three fingers an they fit in his mouth. To feel in tthe gaps that u see.
It astonishes me that there are still people who actually think we didn't go to the moon.  
I think ronaldo should have won ballondor

What is your dream what do you wanna be
What is your dream what do you wanna be
If my iPhone came with high explosives rocket engine accessory, I'd go to the moon too.
Gabby D
Yeah, what we're doing wrong is not hitting the pigs! xD
That's why I'm still searching for an app to launch a rocket to the outer space.
I exchange my smartphone for a rocket that can fly me around in the galaxy :-P but I think NASA will not find it fair trade... 
not as impressive...  I mean the rocket, the birds into pigs thing is just amazing!  hahahaha
Ifu read the bible u will know that it is a lot of stuff they dont tell u. But its up to u to have that thirdeye. 
dont think that its a good idea !lol!!!
tora ekana to gmail k den 3ero ti na patiso !
poli diskolo! exo mperdeutei!!
someone help???
Imagine, what if NASA go back again to the Moon with our current technology? How surprising isn't it? comparing to the 1969 launch.
wow, i have better technology than nasa, awsome!!!
nasa is billion dolor project , mobile is 500$ device.
this is where are are wrong.
I could launch a rocket to the moon too, if I had an army of programmers, engineers, physicists and a ridiculous amount of money. Also, I would probably need a special permit from the town...
launching pigs into birds is more fun
So sad, but NASA also had thousands of pounds of fuel!
Neil Armstrong = Lance Armstrong
Neil never step foot on the moon. Can someone beat the truth out of him?Where is Oprah
Could it be they were Smarter? 
Who floated the idea that we didnt go to the moon anyway?
Video games: why waste good technology on science and medicine?
Well this is sad...
NASA did not launch man into moon, but faked it
I blame cute kittens falling over eachother on Youtube. Man... I spend days on that shit... It'll probably take us a while to get to Mars.
If something doesn't make sense.... :insert phrase:
We have no goal, no plan, no direction, will go nowhere. 
we love angry birds.... my 2 year old:" can I play angry bird now mommy?"
Well, NASA's budget in 1969 was $4.3billion ($21.4billion in 2007 dollars). As soon as I have that funding approved I'll launch a man to the moon myself, heck, I'll launch myself being an aerospace engineer and all...
I never got the appeal of that game. I might have the only phone w/o that game installed. 
YC Chor
If it's ironic, what do you think about the partnership of NASA and Rovio in Angry Bird Space?
Lazy minds demand computers do all the thinking, strong minds control how much thinking the computer does.
Well my TV has more power than Merlin's Magic Mirror thousands of years ago. Merlin's mirror sees one even at a time, where My TV shows Merlin doing it.
hahaha...... i knew it. Twitter said. :)
I don't get to go to the moon, but I do get to launch birds at pigs.  Pigs win.
Does this mean my iphone can fly me to the moon?
well just a clue friendS and i agree with the statement. A survey was conducted about the mobile usage in all over asia. Maximum outgoing calls were done in asia including india and 80 percent of the talks were useless like"" aaj kaya khaya lunch mein""" etc. etc. The irony in this world is a person who doesnt even know how to make use of a gadget HAS THE I PHONE and the one who can really do something if he has that gadget CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE THAT
Fiiiine... I'll start my own space program. There goes my tuition.
The U.S Spent more than $110 Billion MORE on defense last year than we spent on the ENTIRE NASA program (adjusted for inflation) since its creation in 1958.
So..truth......we has to wake up
People are always willing to spend more on entertainment than anything else, regardless of the amount of technology involved. Human nature makes this so, not computing power.  Birds and pigs are entertaining, much more so than government bureaucracies (such as NASA).
That's ok, we made the most intricate and complex network connections between the most technological advanced machines so we can look at (and pretend to like) cats and food pictures...
i  think if we new the truth about n a s a ther would be more problems with the general public why waste so much money on the space proggrame  when w e see adverts about poor children abrode
+Duncan Grant Its funding gets slashed every time the government needs more money, and its budget is already such a small part, there isn't much left. Blind people see it as a useless organization.
Might be, that you need more brain capacity to use your mobile than engineers to send a man on the moon on that time?
Man on the moon. Cool. How did we benefit from it again? We can talk about. Is that all?
You can shoot a feature length film on your phone.
+Jaroslav Kral Without the technology created by the program, your post would likely be in asci, on a BBS, and read by a couple of dozen people.
Fuck nasa theyre all ran by the government

Apollo 11 navigation computer?  2K.  
Nasa needs to get off its high horse. What's so great about the moon, anyway? Also, those pigs are assholes.
Average humans think they are better,smarter and greater than others because of what they are given or what they can buy. But it's plain ignorance and they're to ignorant to see it. Are you?
Hahha nothing new, didn't you all see in the movie Iron Sky hahah

Jay Cie
In short duh. Moore's law. It's not amazing it's just math.

AS another example the best supercomputer of 1995 (just 17 years ago) has less power (in FLOPS)  then a mid-ranged graphics card today. Oh and the supercomputer was used to simulate nuclear bombs. The best GPUs today beat supercompters from the early 2000's
I would like to see a poll, broken down by age and country, of the percent of people who deny that NASA did not place men upon the moon. 
Very funny, yet also a sad commentary on our use of technology
I don't have any rockets, so yeah... I can't exactly launch myself in to space.
Our phones may have more computing power, but that doesn't mean we have anywhere near the same level of technology. They had advanced jet propulsion engines and other very complicated and very expensive pieces of engineering throughout the craft.

You might as well say, "Your mobile phone has infinite more computer power than trains back in 1869. Train companies moved people and tonnes of supplies across a continent. We launch a bird into pigs."
And don't forget about how much computing power we waste on porn.. :-p
If we had this technology then, we'd probably be preparing to travel to Gliese 163c by now...
Ha ha very funny but all true....or is it:-)
thats why moon landing is fake..,

well only thing that bothers me is that in 1969 NASA was able to land man on moon..with more advance technologies now what happened to NASA..i think the conspiracy theories are right..
If it was faked where did the money go? Thats what i have been wondering. Where did the rockets go?  Were they just up in orbit hiding from telescopes and all the people watching.
i am a new remember,one body help to me what can i do in here ?

A)  Considering the Apollo Guidance Computer had about 4kb of RAM and 4Mhz processor, to say that our modern smartphones are more powerful is a gross understatement

B) That said, it isn't a substitute for a freaking space shuttle

C) Just because many people only use it to play games, we shouldn't trivialize the importance of the technology.  It's important for entrepreneurs and especially people in third world countries for whom a 30 dollar smartphone is life-changing.

Maybe I'm just pretty pleased with the state of technology.. but I get a little grumpy when incredible revolutions in communication and computation get poo-poo'd because we also watch cat videos while on the toilet (which is amazing by itself!)
Computing power doesn't matter, they had smart people.
+Tim Lawless the money went into someones pocket. check the moon pictures from nasa. there are tons of intentinally blurred pixels on the pictures....i want to know what they blurred out.....
SUCK IT!!! todays technology is fantastic. we would all be history with out it.
We use_far more powerful_ computers to launch things. Really, all this shows is the democratisation of computing. It's a good thing!
guru m
So I just throw my phone into orbit? That it?
I call bullshit. We have created a way to join billions of voices together and in doing so position ourselves to collectively save humanity from itself.
🌛أظهروا الحب والبهجة فرحا بمولد خير خلق الله محمد🌜
إياكم ورواية الأحاديث والروايات الكاذبة
فإن الله تعالى يقول في القرءان الكريم«إن كنتم تحبون الله فاتبعوني يحببكم الله»
من قول بعض الكفار وهو أن النبي جزء من الله فإن الله تعالى ليس جسما وهو كما وصف نفسه ليس كمثله شىء
ومن قول بعض الجهال أن النبي مخلوق من نور فهو كذب إذ الرسول بشر فهو كما قال الله«قل إنما أنا بشر مثلكم»
ومن المفاسد أيضا قول البعض أن النبي محمدا هو أول المخلوقات؛فإن أول المخلوقات الماء قال تعالى«وجعلنا من الماء كل شىء حي»
فاحذروا وحذروا وبارك الله بكم
اللهم ارزق من ينشرها رؤية وزيارة محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم
...and thus the world was complete.
Timothy... man landed on the moon but much later than 1969! The equipments were left there later..
nasa is a powerfull organigesion than that no slag commentment 
Forget the cottage, how about the moon!
All the picture is saying isn't that's how low technology was then and they launched a man to space So just imagine the computing power now and there is no exploring on Saturn or anything 
We were promised flying cars and moon colonies and we got facebook and toilets that flush automatically. I think we got a raw deal.
+Mark Scacco Ironic that you say that while participating in a discussion on a social media site that lives on the greatest invention of mankind - the internet! :^)
things change evryday in technology so we ought 2 change our minds every day.
things change evryday in technology so we ought 2 change our minds every day.
Difference is: We've launched BILLIONS of birds into pigs
The screens in NASA control room was T.V monitors and it would of been difficult to read numbers.  There whole mainframe is around the same power has today's laptop.
It's true what +Saikat Bardhan +Danyo Ip and others say, man did not land on the moon, it was Curious George. I watched all about it last night with my son. They sent the monkey to leave landing gear to corroborate their pointless ruse. Sheesh.
The electronics is only part of the Space Craft, or most Crafts for that matter, electronics controlling mechanical devices and propulsion systems. 
and angry birds!!
Heather>honestly i dnt, coz each time i want to watch.a callout come for me so i watch a clip wen repairing that particular iterm.
Why send men into space when you can send birds into pigs? It makes perfect sense!
Are you still believe we launched a man to the moon in 1969?
I feel a negative vibe here... So we now have more computing power than NASA available to us for doing the simplest things... and that is... bad?

I certainly hope that the author of the post doesn't think that using  a smartphone to play games is some kind of waste...
I love it when people try to make the point that everyone today is a lazy S.O.B., and everybody 50 years ago was a productive member of society. We landed a rover on Mars this year, fyi. And we've created devices that each have more computing power than all of NASA. Yeah, we all must just be sitting on our asses playing Angry Birds for that to happen.
Who r ya...and I dnt know who ya looking for...r ya looking for me the sexy one
Wow. This is amazing, it kinda puts things into perspective.
Ryan Ng
Really? Oh, okay then, I'd like to see a computer in 1969. That must have been a real small computer...
but now they're even cutting down on the space budget... should space be explored more or should we just worry about what's going on in our home soil? maybe space could be to harmful rather than good stuff/with all the money we spent has there been anything from space thats stop diseases or done anything well for the human race? not talking bad about it because I wish we didn't have to cut our space program (at this time I think things are more important) so I'm just curious?
lolzz..........i think.
Yeah but NASA had a sh*t ton of rocket fuel too.
Do they mean any mobile phone cause I have a friend that has a flip phone that's like ten years old literally
I can't believe that there are people who still believe man went to the moon, even more alarming is that, they reckon they did it in 1969.
Yeah but the brains using those computers in 1969 where much more powerful
+Jade Martin yeah but the technology was not up to it, it takes great minds and technology to achieve that...
Yeah... let's ignore the fact these devices also connect us with others all around the world, and the fact you downloaded angry birds wirelessly most likely. Sheesh... some people see the negative side of everything.
+rene avalos I know and there are great minds still today...There will always be ones that want to innovate and that is what I love about technology
Now thats what I call progress!
good point. but the birds don't have wings
I see a man son signing in.
Find me a mentor please!
An-omon-nated .
I am the key
Well NASA needed rockets to launch people to space. We launch birds to space with just the flick of a finger. 
Fake moon landings. They used the computing power for the CGI.
it's because the pigs are a bigger threat than whats on the moon!
And both are essentially equivilent in actual usefulness

Im not sure I follow the logic of some people, they don't dispute man getting into space and orbiting around in the space station, before that the had Skylab, they don't dispute the Russian space program, they don't dispute the Space Shuttle going into space and repairing telescopes and satellites, but just the Lunar Module part, which really doesn't seem all that much more complicated than any of these other feats. It takes very little propulsion to move in zero gravity, and very little propulsion to take off and land in a low gravity situation. It's the Earth reentry problem which is the biggest hurdle.
NASA and trips inanced through bill @how to get money for victory agency marketing at:

Julianna. So elite. We have a marketer on our proposition.

Thank you Jules for stitch and stench live.goc. 
Can't fit astronauts into a mobile phone. Silly post.
Ii assumed there is a cell phone in outer space like it is a statue think it is littering it might just be a statue floating around lol

i guess the day has come when pigs fly LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
of course you DO know that capitalism is the death of invention and innovation... unless you don't mind waiting 20 years till they sell all the junk first... then you can have it.. the ho-jo generator was invented over 20 years ago.. the green car at least 25 years.. video phones and  booming sound from speakers that fold and fit in your pocket..20 years ago.. 
Hope NASA's computing brain has increased upto a billion PC now :-]
oil producing countries give a gallon of gas for as low as 25cents.. now the U.S. is moving into the forefront.. and the $3.00+ per gallon manipulation scam will only kick into high gear.. PROMISE you that!!
Nasa never reached the moon. All filmed in Hollywood. 
Li Ming
This makes me think, finally
Having computer power is a necessary but not sufficient condition for sending a rocket to the moon. Most of us do not have access to giant rockets.
Duh you don't need to ne a Rocket Scientist to figure that one out
True, if we have a goal then it make big diffetence :)
Why anyone would expend time and energy on proving NASA to be full of lies and conspiracy rather than making love, flying to the stars, and curing cancer is purely beyond me.
Well I see it like this, at the time it was a race and whoever won would obtain a certain perception of power from people all over the world. They flew to the moon, broke the barriers of the sky and achieved the whole "anything is possible" thing and now Americas the most powerful country in the world, so I would say the space landing if it was real or not, was a good move. Its a kind of "nothing will stop us" type of thing. And now look at them, blowing up the world, putting armed drones in the sky, constantly testing nukes at sea and then they have the nerve to come out and tell us we're to blame for global warming for spraying some deodorant and driving our cars. Sorry that escalated rather quickly haha
That's what the technological singularity is about.
It is not so important what you have, rather how you use it! 
Well, innovation is not always about processing power. It's driven by idea and passion in the first place. Then, you find means to achieve what you want with as little resources as you have.
Astronauts and Comsmonauts play Angry Birds on the International Space Station during their free time.
Hell, my old ti83 had more computing power than the 69 space shuttle for that matter
so if we have as much technology in our pockets to launch a space shuttle why do we still have may think your able to compute all the necessary math to launch another shuttle to the moon but none of you are smart enough to (I know I'm not either but I'm not trying to say I am) NASA has put us high up on global standards when it comes to space when you get enough "brain power" AND money to launch another space shuttle let me know.....
Well, it just goes to show what modern society is like!
That's will be slowly ?
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