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I really like that Jeff: give potential clients the confidence to buy - in ways that increase their ability to feel emotionally grounded, intellectually stronger… so they are fully equipped to buy. 
Brilliant! Should Sales Follow up Content Marketing. Certainly not like that. I just got done explaining this to a client!! (who thinks what you experienced is how lead nurturing works best). In my experience it's far more productive to nurture leads using content in ways that induce CUSTOMERS asking for the sale! (it works for me)

I believe we "met" (first interacted) on eConsultancy via my post there on the myth of storytelling in content marketing?? In any case, I recall an interaction (Twitter?). But I am just now hitting your site and am overwhelmed with excitement. We speak the same language and you are creating words that are quite powerful and can serve to underscore my writings/speaking, etc. I would like to spend more time getting to know you and reading your material. How is it that we're meeting via my blog post here? Sorry for being so forgetful! Thanks for reaching out.

Hi Jeff. Thanks very much for the feedback. Certainly sounds as if we're on the same track here. I'll email and let's find a way to carry on the conversation. Looking forward to finding out more about your ideas. Sonja
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